300 Hr Advanced Yoga Weekend Program

The next 300 Hour Weekend program will be scheduled for 2018.  


7 Centers Yoga Arts will be offering a 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Training with a Therapeutic Emphasis as a weekend program in 2018. In addition to the contact hours with faculty during the weekends, there will be additional independent study hours including the study of nutrition and culinary spices with Ayurvedic recipes as well as a personal therapeutic yoga practice.  In the final thesis,  the student facilitates a yoga program for a volunteer over a 4-6 week program of their design and upon completion receives a 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Certificate with an emphasis in Therapeutic Yoga. This integrative training introduces yoga as as a holistic modality that includes Ayurvedic assessment to support the healing of chronic medical conditions as well as recovery from injury and surgery through a diversity of yogic practices.

Trikonasana w/ chair

Rama Jyoti Vernon assisted by her daughter, Mira

The primary yogic lineages guiding this program are that of Rama Jyoti Vernon, founder of the International Yoga College, as well as practices from the Bihar School of Yoga in Munger, India. The curriculum is also inspired by the teachings of Dr. Vasant Lad of the Ayurvedic Institute and Dr. David Frawley of the American Institute of Vedic Studies. This advanced yoga curriculum includes a strong emphasis on Ayurveda through the study of Physiology of the body systems, foundational is developing skills in assessment of a client’s imbalances. Food and culinary herbs viewed through Ayurveda are of particular importance as a support for health and well-being; and the psychology around imbalance, chronic conditions and health dysfunctions will also be addressed through the practices of Asana, Yoga Nidra and the philosophy of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

Over the ten months, there is study of the primary systems of the body:  nervous, digestion, cardio-vascular, respiratory, reproductive, urinary, muscular-skeleto, immune and endocrine systems. Then we examine a system from the point of view of beneficial yoga practices (which include asana, cleanses, pranayama, yoga nidra), anatomy – both physical and energetic bodies, Ayurveda, nutrition, and yoga philosophy. The Anatomy portion will be  focused on muscular-skeletal system and postural review in order to be able to guide clients through asana and alignment technique. The faculty designs a personal yoga program for each student which they do first thing in the morning before starting their day. In this way there is a deeper understanding of the challenges people face in following a daily program.

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Conflict Resolution Based upon Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras .  This course examines the roots of conflicts and helps develop skills in analysis and  mindful personal and professional communication. This is the basis for looking at the psychological aspects of illness and the relationship between thoughts, emotions and how they express in the body.





One must have a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certificate from a registered Yoga Alliance program.  Upon successful completion of the 300 Hour Yoga Therapy Program, the student will receive a 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Certificate from 7 Centers.

Licensed Health Practitioner

This program may be helpful additional experience to those already in the healthcare field. If you are interested in pursuing this as ongoing vocational education call us at 928-203-4400 to discuss the possibilities. Acceptance into the program will depend upon background and a personal interview process.

Becoming a Yoga Therapist

This program will earn students a 500hr level of certification which is often a prerequisite for an IAYT Registered Yoga Therapy Program of between 800 – 1000 hours. Students will gain an in-depth knowledge of the advanced aspects of yoga and learn practical techniques to work with students in a private or group setting. Graduates of this course will gain invaluable experience and a foundation of knowledge that will serve them in their pursuit of applying yoga in a therapeutic setting.


Included in the tuition is Yogic Management of Common Diseases by Dr. Swami Karmananda and the classic  Ayurveda, The Science of Self-Healing by Dr. Vasant Lad  An extensive and in-depth training manual along with supplemental handouts is also provided and forms the basic curriculum. If you already have these texts,  a credit will be given for  7 Centers’ retail store where you can exchange for other books, cds or Ayurvedic supplies.

Students are required to purchase and bring to the training Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha by Swami Satayananada, The Practice of Myth and Sacred Geometry by Rama Jyoti Vernon and the Key Poses of Yoga by Ray Long.


Please call 7 Centers at (928) 203-4400 or email yoga@7centers.com with any inquiries on the weekend program.

For bios on the faculty please go to Overview/ Teachers.