About Us

7 Centers Yoga Arts was founded by Ruth Hartung and Gary Majchrzak in Sedona in October 1998 with the assistance and support of  Mary Sean Young. Both founders had taught in studios in Los Angeles and Seattle, however this studio, 7 Centers Yoga Arts, was modeled after the ashram & meditation retreats they had experienced in India. In July 2001 with the first yoga immersion, a non-profit branch was formed called Mystis, Inc. This branch is dedicated to yoga immersions and community classes including outreach programs like The Children’s Project. Since 2001, there have been sixty  month-long immersions led by Ruth Hartung with faculty & staff.

7 Centers attracts yoga students and spiritual seekers from around the globe to attend the variety of intensives and immersions. We also serve the local community, snowbirds  & tourists with a diversity of daily classes. Throughout the years, our community has integrated spiritual sadhana with nature through honoring the astrological and celestial markers including many years of ceremony.

To keep in touch with the expanding community, 7 Centers publishes a monthly educational newsletter with great and informative Articles written on Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology and tongue-in-cheek Yogic philosophy by the (in)famous Lionheart.

Ruth Hartung (Director, Course Leader) began her journey into yoga in 1991 with the study and teaching of Kundalini yoga in Los Angeles. In 1994 she initiated with Swami Niranjananda in the Satyananda Saraswati lineage through the Bihar University at which time she was given the spiritual name of Sraddhasagar (Ocean of Faith) While on that five month long pilgrimage she met Rama Jyoti Vernon leading a Yoga for Peace conference in Jerusalem and began studying with her in Hatha Yoga, the Yoga Sutras and Conflict Resolution in 1999. Rama’s mentorship of  asana and pranayama as a way of practicing the yoga philosophy of the Sutras is foundational in all immersions. In addition, Muhammed Faust & Viskashananda of Nepal have been important teachers of transmission for kundalini yoga and the deeper understanding of yogic philosophy .

Alongside the growing of 7 Centers and the teaching of yoga as spiritual lifestyle, Ruth has a love for ongoing study that has included folk medicine and practical herbalism. More recently in 2008, Ruth became involved in the local food, agriculture and sustainability movement as an extension of the social consciousness movement that yoga is all about. Joining the local Crescent Moon Community garden and creating a Medicine Herb Garden at the center, led to the founding of the Spring Planting Festival, now an annual event in Sedona and her two year work with Gardens for Humanity as Vice-President.  Integrating the growing of food & herbs as part of the yoga teacher trainings, she  feels that yoga has an important role to play not just for the individual’ s health and well being but also for our local and global communities.


Mally Paquette (Center Manager) has always been passionate about fitness and has practiced yoga for decades. During her twenties, she was a tennis professional. This fulfilled her love of travel, physical fitness and working with people. She then shifted careers to work with the Native Americans on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota where she discovered her true passion: non-profit work. As a result, Mally has spend the majority of her adult life fundraising in this arena with positions assisting Busch Wildlife, McKee Botanical Gardens and Sedona’s Camp Soaring Eagle.  Mally is a 500 RYI in Ashtanga, Kundalini and Yoga Therapy. She is excited to be a part of the 7 Centers Family and brings her enthusiasm and multi-talented background to the position of Center Manager.