The Adventures of Lionheart, Temple Cat ~ For the Love of Food

In Ayurveda each of the doshas have a distinct relationship with food as the nurturance of life. The doshas reflect different  mind and body constitutions made of the five elements known as Kapha, Pitta and Vata. In the summer when the temperatures soar, and the humidity builds for the monsoons, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by Mother Nature. What we eat can make a difference in feeling unmotivated, irritated or anxious. Here at 7 Centers yoga temple, we have “the three Doshas”, their natural tendencies and what they can eat that will bring them into balance.


The Anthony Bourdain of cats

Kaphas can be great chefs with their natural appreciation for food as love and nourishment. However there is that little problem with plumpiness as kapha translates to “to stick”. You can see the Kapha dosha in those with the wide pear shaped hips and shoulders. Even a little morsel of a pack rat or a chipmunk can increase the padding and really stick to the bones for longer than wanted. Here are some summer suggestions to keep that Kapha in balance:
– Avoid eating large quantities of food (especially with night time hunting sitting outside the compost bin waiting for mice)
 – Reduce oils, fats, sweets and salt. Increase spicy (pepper and ginger), bitter (green leafy vegetables like chard and arugula) and astringent tastes (pomegranate and figs from the 7 Centers trees!)
– Sweeten with honey only


President of the Clean Plate Club

The Pittas are often gourmands and aficionados of food most interested in eating… they can wolf down a meal in minutes and be ready for more… like dessert or a bone.

An athletic foodie with medium build and muscles, pitta dosha needs to chill out a bit to temper the fire and take a vacation from the chilis, coffee and alcohol!

Here are some summer suggestions to keep that Pitta in balance:
– Increase juicy cooling, foods favoring sweet (grapes, mangos and plums)
– bitter (green leafy vegetables, celery and cucumbers and
– astringent (apple, pomegranate and quinoa) tastes.


Isn’t someone going to feed me?

Missy Vata dosha with the sensitive stomach and tendency towards excess wind, bloating and vamana from fur balls, favors small plates or known in Spain as tapas  (canapes or appetizers) served every couple of hours.  A natural snacker, the Vata can be satiated by a chunk of tuna, a cocktail escargot, or an anchovy skewered on a long toothpick.

Here are some summer suggestions to keep that Vata in balance:
– Increase oily foods like avocado
–  sweet (ripe and juicy fruits like cherries, figs, dates and pomegranates)
– sour (yogurt, paneer and  cottage cheese) and
– salty (fish, eggs and ghee) tastes.
Can you find yourself among the doshas? You too can restore your natural healthy glow through conscious eating!
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