The Adventures of Lionheart, Temple Cat ~ Yoga Therapy for Seniors

Therapeutic yoga supports health, prevention of disease and longevity through consistent and targeted yoga practice. Recently I volunteered to be part of the yoga therapy teacher training to get my own personalized therapeutic yoga program for the summer.

Weight is equivalent to wealth in some cultures

Client: Lionheart   Age: 13     Weight:  17 lbs   or 7.71107  kilos
Occupation: Temple Cat, Advice Guru & Gourmand
Medical history – Abscess from encounter with neighborhood feline bullies. Clinical Lance with antibiotics.  One bout with depression over arrival of new kitten. Age 6.
General Complaint: Aging, Plump and Losing Fur
Symptoms:  Nearsighted occasionally misses landing spot
Mobility:  Not able to jump as far or as high
Endurance:  hunting slowing down / take more naps
Night time Habits: Increase in snoring and drooling
Weight:   All season weight gain includes a Buddha belly not from pranayama practice.


Student Observation:
Client is slightly overweight with excess girth settling in around the middle and hips. While generally good natured, client gets cranky when sleeping position is disturbed whether on a lap or book signifying aggravated pitta.
Diet: Call of the Wild kibble prefers fish flavors
Varieties of tuna canned food twice daily
Wild catch:  Pack rats & mice, occasional bird
Cravings:  Greenies, cupcakes with frosting, gouda cheese on crackers, raw chocolate truffles.
Digestive Agni: There seems to be a strong appetite with cravings for sweet and salty taste  –  weight “sticks around”.
Assessment: Vikruti (current imbalance) Kapha 3/Pitta 2 /Vata 2
Focus on decreasing kapha (earth/water)  for greater vitality, energy and enthusiasm.
Daily Therapeutic program
Trataka (one pointed gazing) looking at birds out the window while keeping the tail still. For eye muscles, and purify the mind of desire.
Cat stretch to elongate the spine, emphasizing side stretch
Tiger pose to tone buttocks and hips
Roaring lion to stimulate thyroid to increase metabolism, relax facial muscles and vent frustration
Sun Mantra:  to increase energy, vitality and burn calories
Om Hrim Sum Suryaya Namaha
Brisk nightly chase facilitated by Jackson (the dog)  10 minutes
Daily Yoga Nidra with Resolution: I release everything that I don’t need.
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