The Adventures of Lionheart, Temple Cat

The Three Doshas

In Ayurveda, the doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha refer to our physical constitution made of the five elements. The unique combination of one’s doshas becomes a barometer of balance and true nature although usually one leads the pack!


The word Vata is derived from a Sanskrit root meaning movement and initiates all life processes that are dynamic in nature. It brings a thought from the memory to consciousness and transfers current experiences into memories.

In human physiology Vata controls blood flow, elimination of wastes, breathing and the movement of thoughts across the mind.*

It’s very Vata to:

– Have a delicate stomach and throw up on the bed

– Change one’s mind often ( “I want to go outside, No I want to be inside, I think I want to go outside)

– Inclined to be skitterish, quick to react to sound 

– Walk, talk and eat quickly all at the same time

– Have a lot to say about the woes of being sensitive



Pitta – Fire /Water

The word Pitta is derived from the Sanskrit meaning heat or burning. Pitta governs all transformations in the physiology, from the digestion of food to the metabolizing of feelings, emotions and sensory perceptions.*

It’s very Pitta to:

– Be hungry and think about food all the time 

– Have lots of energy, can’t get enough of exercise or walks

– Competitive game player especially with balls and sticks

– Like being in control and enthusiastically herd others

– Be territorial and pee on things



Kapha – Earth/Water

The word Kapha means to bind or hold together and governs the structural integrity of the body, from giving it mass and stability to protecting it from the outside environment. It gives strength, stability, and endurance — both physical and psychological — and promotes human emotions and compassion and governs immunity and resistance against disease*

Its very Kapha to:

– Mull things before deciding which lap to sit on

– Wake up slowly, lie in bed for a long time… like all day 

– Like to be cozy and snuggle

– Seek emotional comfort from eating

– Have graceful pear shaped movements, liquid eyes and a gliding walk 

When the doshas are not in balance this is called one’s vikruti and can bring attention to what doshas need to be pacified. Still in the throes of winter and love of food, the derangement of kapha dosha has birthed new nicknames. Temple cat Xena is affectionately called “my little sausage” by Uta and temple dog Jackson, who has little definition between his neck and shoulders, comes running to Jackson Stout. 

It will all change in Springtime with a diet…maybe.

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