Agni Hotra: A Vedic Healing Ceremony

An ancient fire ritual described in the Vedas, Agni Hotra honors the daily rising and setting of the Sun as the embodiment of cosmic fire deity, Agni Dev. Sun worship is as old as mankind and here the exact timing is to harness the high pranic and celestial energies that pour on the earth at the transitional moment known as the “passage of liberation” in between darkness and light.

In a copper pyramid called a kunda, a fire is lit made of pure cow dung patties and at the moment of dawn and dusk, unbroken rice and ghee are offered as a simple mantra is chanted.

The ritual of Agni Hotra is said to purify the atmosphere and elements, where plants receive most of their micronutrients. Scientific research about the value of this ceremony is increasing (including interest from NASA and Montsanto according to some).  Around the world Agni Hotra is being used in organic farming as an alternative to chemical pesticides and fertilizers to increase plant nutrition currently being reduced by atmospheric pollution and soil depletion.
The ash from the alchemy of mantra, fire and cosmic timing is considered medicinal and has a long healing tradition for humans as well as temple cats.  “The Vedas state that all trace elements in perfect balance for life are found in the ash. Every element in the periodic table is found in the ash as well as elements not in the table but which have been found in meteorites that have landed on earth.”   The homa ash can be used in many medicinal forms from teas and baths to ointments and creams, as well as eye drops and suppositories. It appears that there are many benefits in this day and age for the Vedic science of Agni Hotra.

My latest sadhana of greeting the sun with a fire ritual has interrupted my sleep but all for enlightenment of humans…

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