Awakening the 3rd Eye

Lionheart In Vedic mythology Shiva is considered the patron of yoga and is often depicted as a cool and serene cat with dred locks meditating in the shadow of Mount Kailasa. Shiva’s matted fur represents the integration of physical, mental and spiritual energies. His kundala or earrings symbolize the union of the masculine and feminine principle kind of like Lionheart and Xena.

When Lord Shiva opens his eyes another cycle of creation begins, when he closes them one ends – his eyes at half-mast represent the middle of a cycle. He is also called Tryambakam “the three eyed one”. The right eye is associated with the sun or the masculine, the left with the moon or the feminine – both belong to the world of matter or Maya, ruled by five senses. The third eye is the eye of wisdom or knowledge, the gateway to truth beyond the world of appearances and is the focus of many yoga practice. Its activation allows for an expanded perception of reality often through visions, dreams not bound by Time & Space – the 3rd dimension. In the journey towards remembrance of Self, yogic practices are done to awaken the Ajna chakra or 3rd eye so our Life’s experiences can be understood within a greater tapestry or mandala -picture of the universe.

Developing and trusting one’s intuition also known as the sixth sense can take practice. Yoga is always about developing awareness, no matter what form it takes. In the physical world we are trained towards thinking, analyzing and doing which often shows up as heightened beta brainwave frequencies. However in the world of intuition – relaxation, beingness and awareness give us access to inner worlds of knowledge found in the alpha and theta brainwave states.

At the beginning, there can be the expectation that seeing with the 3rd eye is the same experience as seeing objects with our physical eyes. “Seeing” or better Perceiving can come in a variety of ways. It can be sudden knowing or revelation about something not based in reason, logic or the external surroundings like a “gut feeling”. Sometimes there is an external trigger where many bits of information come in a flood creating a picture or understanding. Sometimes one sees two realities simultaneously creating a bleed-through effect.

A simple Meditation on the 3rd eye is to sit quietly, close the eyes and visualize a channel from the point between the eyebrows to the top of the spine sometimes known as maha nadi. Open the mouth slightly to relax the tongue and jaw, and breathe with awareness following the passageway. Notice the relaxation in the nervous system and how it cultivates an expansion of your senses.

850A favorite yogic practice for the Ajna chakra is Trataka – or one-pointed gazing on a candle or a yantra (symbol). It important that the candle flame be in direct line with the third eye. Stare without blinking until the eyes tire and then close them and gaze at the after-image of the candle until it disappears. This practice is excellent both for improving eyesight as well as develops your” inner” sight.

A wise cat called Plato wrote,”In all men there is the eye of the soul, which can be reawakened by the correct means. It is far more precious than ten thousand physical eyes.”

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