The Ayurvedic Kitchen

The Ayurvedic Kitchen and Garden is an integral part of the yoga ashram experience. One of the sister sciences of Yoga, Ayurveda treats the individual constitution and uses food and herbs as medicine to create balance in the doshas allowing for proper assimilation of nutrition.

A personal Ayurvedic wellness program begins as students go through an assessment of their physical constitution and understanding what choices will assist them along their path to balance and health. Every day they live Ayurveda through the tri-doshic meals provided at the Center and their daily self-care routine. Students keep a daily journal of how the food and lifestyle affects their body and mind. Each week there is a class on Ayurveda going deeper than just the fundamentals. They also spend time in the Ayurvedic kitchen learning to create balanced meals with all six tastes that pacify one’s constitution.

We grow food for the Ayurvedic Kitchen in our vegetable garden and supplement with locally grown food from the Sedona Community Farmers’ Market and other local farmers. Part of the yoga curriculum includes hands-on education in gardening and using local herbs as medicine. This unique and special education brings awareness to current ecological issues and trains students in the sacredness of Nature. The students also learn to practice meditation and mantra while working in the garden helping the plants thrive which in turn, nurtures the students when they eat the food. Working with the plants and earth is a great way for the students to connect back with the cycles of nature as the ancient sages and masters of yoga knew how to do.


Ayurvedic Apprenticeship

We offer an Ayurvedic work/study program to further education in cooking and eating according to Ayurveda.  This is a 1:1 experiential learning opportunity with our Ayurvedic Chef.  Apprenticeships are open to 7 Centers graduates only.  For more information call  928-203-4400.