Ayurvedic Services



Holistic Health Consultation w/ Melissa Camacho
Addressing your specific health concerns which includes an in-depth dosha (body/mind type) analysis, pulse reading & tongue examination. Learn to heal your body and relax your mind with customized Ayurvedic lifestyle recommendations. Achieve balance through foods, herbs, body care, sound sleep, internal cleansing, and beneficial daily routines.  1½ hrs


Nutritional Counseling w/ our Ayurvedic Cooks 
Guidance in cooking healing foods for your individual constitution and/or health concerns. We will work with you personally using kitchen medicine – food, spices, herbs and essential oils – to remedy imbalances in the body and mind.  Maybe your interest is how to cook for a family with different constitutions, how to cook healthy food for one that is quick and cost effective, or how to heal yourself from disease or imbalances. You’ll come away with a course of action, menu plans, a cookbook and advice. 1 hour consultation

Private Cooking Classes in our Ayurvedic Kitchen
For hands on practical cooking guidance, you may opt for this as an extension to the consultation. We will help you develop a few basic meals tailored to your constitution and/or a disease or imbalance and cook them with you. This is a great way to integrate the nutritional advice for greater success in implementing Ayurveda into your lifestyle with ease.  If interested please contact Chris at (928) 203-4400. We will ask you to fill out a health questionnaire prior to the session. 2 hours