Chakra Samhita

801According to animal communicators, temple cats (and other animal’s) senses or instincts are more finely tuned and sensitive than humans’ and therefore their chakras are usually far brighter and larger (as you can see in the picture) in comparison with humans.

There are 7 primary chakras (meaning “wheel”) each corresponding to an endocrine gland and nerve plexus in the body. The chakras represent an archetypal journey in the evolution of consciousness that every cat takes.

Understanding the chakras includes looking at the imbalances as a reflection of challenges in dealing with classic life lessons and learning to evolve beyond the instincts. Even if one is not clairvoyant, you can always recognize chakra imbalance by behavior.  Without mentioning any names, I will just mention a few examples.

  • Obsessive and aggressive patrolling of the temple grounds alert for all trespassers including a feral black cat, chipmunks and Obsidian would indicate an out of balance root center reflecting insecurity and/or territorialism based on fear.
  • Second or sacral chakra issues involving desires might include overindulgence of dental treats, eating people’s leftovers and faking starvation.
  • Imbalances of the Heart center might look like depression, putting on weight and sleeping all day.
  • Third eye  – excessive fantasizing of catching birds, lizards and mice.

An imbalance of the Crown chakra might  be over identification with “Henri the Cat” on You Tube and perceiving his existential despair as glamorous.

Here is a secret tip about animals and chakra activation that is different from humans. Casually rubbing one’s chakras against available legs is a surreptious way of using humans for energy raising. Sitting in laps can be a catapult for the kundalini energy in the root center. Some cats shamelessly seek pats from any stranger – although they are very clever. Notice how they can get all chakras stimulated from crown to the tip of the tail.

Something I will recommend to be explored in the next Chakra Intensive in March 2014…

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