Citizen Diplomacy

with Rama Jyoti Vernon and Ruth Hartung

Level I: Individual, New Dates coming soon!


Based on principles found in the Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, this course presents the possibilities of training in peace strategies and shows how our conflict as individuals relates to global conflict. Citizen diplomacy is a path of exploring how both can be transformed and used constructively as a dynamic force for positive change.

Responding to the Call:

In recent years, a new kind of Citizen has emerged: Citizens who can no longer wait for government to solve the world’s growing problems; Citizens who must speak, act and stand for what they believe in; Citizens with the courage to cross the borders of personal, political and ideological beliefs to embrace the oneness of humanity. ~ Rama Jyoti Vernon


A selection of topics from the training curriculum:

Perceptions of conflict
Ingredients of a conflict
Relationship Cycles or the Wheel of Karma
Ancient Origins of Conflict
Context vs. Content /Masculine and Feminine Polarities of Conflict
The Collective Unconscious/Recognizing Belief Codes
Guidelines for resolving inner and outer conflict


Ramramacropa Jyoti Vernon
Internationally acclaimed yoga instructor and peace mediator, Rama has has led missions around the world building relationships with citizen diplomats in the Soviet Union, Middle East and other regions. She continues to travel offering yoga teacher training based on the Yoga Sutras. Her book Yoga: the Practice of Myth and Sacred Geometry  (Lotus Press, 2014), is the culmination of 60 years of yoga study and teaching.


Ruth  Hartung (Sraddhasagar)ruthpondA copy
Director/Founder of 7 Centers Yoga Arts, Ruth has been leading Yoga teacher trainings since 2001.  The Center’s programs include both Yoga & Ayurveda as a Lifestyle, beneficial not just for the individual’s heath and wellbeing but also for local and global communities.  Currently, the focus of 7 Center’s outreach program centers around the support of yoga training for Palestinian teachers in the West Bank.