Conflict Resolution

June 17 – 20, 2015

Orientation June 16th 4pm

Early Bird Registration by May 15  $385/ $485


Conflict Resolution Workshop: Building Healthy Relationships w/ Ruth Hartung

An introduction to the yoga sutras that offers a deeper understanding of conflict and the importance  of good relationship in all areas of our lives.  These skills are highly effective in partnerships, family and the work arena where the quality of relationships dramatically impacts our inner and outer experiences. This course is for practical application and to help transform challenges with those we care about.
Friday / Saturday  8:30am – 4pm / Sunday  8:30am – 3pm

18 Hours Continuing Education

Conflict Resolution According to the Yoga Sutras taught by Ruth Hartung, like many of the yogic teachings, it is applicable to all areas of life particularly for those experiencing conflict in personal and professional relationships. Based on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras which also aligns with Buddhist philosophy, this course examines how to find the root of conflict. Conflict resolution is a step by step process that begins with the understanding conflict at a core level, coming up with actions and then learning skillful means of communication.

The Curriculum for the Workshop includes the following:
Perception of conflict
Conflict according to the Yoga Sutras
Relationship Cycle or the Wheel of Karma
Spiral of Relationship
3 Stages of conflict
Ingredients of a Conflict Situation
Concept of escalation or de-escalation
Ancient Origins of Conflict
Right Brain/ Left Brain Theories
Context vs. Content /Masculine and Feminine Polarities of Conflict

Psychological Roots of Conflict
Four Parts of Mind Practice: Meditation on the Shaktis of the Mind
Conscious to Subliminal Influences/The Collective Unconscious/Recognizing Belief Codes.
The Wheel of Cause Effect/ Tree of Cause & Effect
Psychological Roots of
Mind Wave Cycles – Non-painful
Manipulation of Perception by Media/
The Power of Fear
Analysis of conflict in a Real Situation
What do the Sutras have to Offer?
Ten Guidelines to Resolving Inner and Outer Conflicts

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