Course Teachers


Ruth Hartung (Sraddhasagar)
200 Hatha & Kundalini Yoga Trainings, 300 Yoga Therapy Training, Chakra Intensive, Conflict Resolution
Co-founder & Director of  7 Centers Yoga Arts, Ruth taught yoga for 7 years in studios in Los Angeles and Seattle before moving to Sedona in 1998. Trained in Kundalini Yoga in LA, she initiated with the Bihar School of Yoga under Swami Niranjanananda in Mungyr, India in 1994. Her passion for bringing spiritual dharma into daily life has led to integrating the trinity of the teachings of Yoga, Ayurveda and Jyotish as foundation for the programs and community of 7 Centers. She also is a practitioner of Vipassana Meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka for the past 16 years. She  has served as President of the International Yoga College, founded by Rama Jyoti Vernon, her mentor and teacher. In her role as Vice-president of Gardens for Humanity, she has volunteered in the local agriculture renaissance & sustainability movement and founded the Sedona Spring Planting Festival.


ZacandMarley cropped
Zac Occhiline
200 Hatha, 200 Kundalini, 300 Yoga Therapy, Intensives 

Zac has been studying and practicing yoga since 2000. He has been teaching Kundalini and Hatha yoga since 2004 including many of the basic Shatkarmas(yogic cleanses) and early sadhana. Zac has studied Ayurveda and integrated it as personal lifestyle through food and herbal healing for over a decade. Growing up in Sedona has given him a deep appreciation and love of wilderness, and the natural beauty of plants, animal and environs throughout the state.


Jeff E. Masters 
200 Hatha, 200 Kundalini, 300 Yoga Therapy

Jeff is the founder and director of Thunder Mountain Wellness Center in Sedona, AZ. He is a teacher of anatomy & physiology, as well as Myotherapy, licensed massage therapist and personal trainer who specializes in Swedish & Deep Tissue massage, Craniosacral , Neuromuscular,& Sports Therapy, advanced functional anatomy and assessment, and the treatment of chronic pain. He is an internationally published author, who was awarded an honorary Masters degree in Anatomy and Physiology, from the Open International University for Complimentary Medicine, Sri Lanka in 2006.


Shruthi Bajaj
200 Hatha, 200 Kundalini, 300 Yoga Therapy, Intensives

Born in India and raised in a traditional family, Shruthi grew up immersed in the colorful and joyous celebration of Indian cooking and eating. When she started making cooking her own, she found that applying Ayurvedic principles improved her digestion and energy levels. Continuation of an Ayurvedic lifestyle has brought ongoing well-being through reduced stress levels and clarity of her journey.

Shruthi holds a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification from Samadhi Yoga (2007, Denver CO). She has been studying Ayurvedic Nutrition and Self Care with Amadea Morningstar since 2010, and plans to continue deepening her learning with her teacher. Her mum, Vasant Lad, and Maya Tiwari also inspire her. Shruthi has cooked Ayurvedic meals in kitchens and retreat centers all over Southeast Asia, India, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Northern California, and is honored to now be at 7 Centers Yoga Arts to follow in their noble lineage. Read more about her at

Debra Infante
200 Hatha, Chakra Intensive

Debra is a practicing Vedic astrologer certified by The American College of Vedic Astrology as an approved teacher (Level I) in September 1999. She has been studying Vedic astrology since 1995 and been a professional astrologer since 1999. She is the co-editor of the recently published Path of Light, Introduction to Vedic Astrology (Volume I) and Path of Light, The Domains of Life, Volume II, written by James Kelleher. She has been teaching Vedic astrology to the students in the yoga teacher trainings at 7 Centers since 2002.

Hari Jap

Founder of the Center for Divine Awakening, a Kundalini Yoga Center, Hari Jap has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 1983.  In addition to his study with Yogi Bhajan, he has studied with several other Master Teachers from numerous traditions including Taoist Master Lee, Mantak Chia and Sunyata. Hari Jap has extensive training in Kundalini Yoga along with training in Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Tantra, Kinesiology, Martial Arts, and Shamanism teachings.


The Temple Cat at 7 Centers Yoga Arts. In addition to his official temple duties, he also writes a monthly column for our newsletter, and assists with gardening and landscaping through control and eradication of pests. Lionheart enjoys practicing asana (especially savasana), researching, contemplating and teaching yogic philosophy and hiking in the red rocks of Sedona.


Xena (warrior princess)

The junior Temple Cat  who has shown great skill in training everyone to open the door for her multiple times daily with her haunting & plaintive voice. She is proving herself a formidable hunter of grasshoppers & lizards.