December Schedule





Hatha Yoga  90min 10:30-12:00pm Marnie
Hatha Gong 75min 3:30-4:45pm Mally
Therapeutic Hatha w/Yoga Nidra  90min 5:30-7:00pm Sean


Mom and Baby Yoga (Donation)  60min 9:00-10:00am Ana
Hatha Yoga  90min 10:30-12:00pm Ildiko
Seva Yoga (No Charge)  60 min 2:30-3:30pm Mally
Hatha Yoga  90min 4:00-5:30pm Terry


Hatha Yoga  90min 10:30-12:00pm Sean
Restorative Yoga  90min 4:00-5:30pm Ana


Yin Yoga  60min 9:00-10:00am Ana
Hatha Yoga  90min 10:30-12:00 Ildiko
Hatha Yoga  90min 2:00-3:30pm Mia
Kundalini Yoga 90min 5:30-7:00pm Tim


Slow Flow Yoga  60min 9:00-10:00am Sean
Hatha Yoga  90min 10:30-12:00pm Ildiko
Restorative Yoga  90min 4:30-6:00pm Ana


Slow Flow Yoga  60min 10:00-11:00am Mally
Kundalini Yoga w/ Gong Bath  75min 11:30-12:45pm Mally
Kid’s Yoga (Donation)  60min 1:00-2:00pm Ana


Iyengar Yoga  90min 8:30-10:00am Jenny
Gentle Ashtanga Yoga  60min 10:30-11:30am Mally
Hatha Gong Yoga  60min 12:00-1:00pm Amy
Gong Bath(Donation)  33min 1:11-1:44pm Amy

December 5-7 is the Buddha Relics Tour at 7 Centers. All yoga classes are cancelled. Passes are extended 3 days.

CENTER HOLIDAYS (No Classes):   Christmas Eve December 24th & Christmas Day December 25th.

December 31st is our Annual Yoga Day with Free classes all Day. Click here for the schedule.


Gentle Ashtanga Yoga – A softer take on a classic ashtanga class suitable to all levels and abilities
Gong Bath – Grab a blanket and prepare to receive the sattvic vibrations of the gong. 
Hatha Yoga – A balanced workout of classical poses, breath work and meditation.
Hatha Gong – Hatha yoga postures are taught with the addition of precise vibrations generated by a live gong.
Iyengar Yoga - Classes cultivate strength, intelligence, and flexibility in the body and mind through the use of props, breath awareness, and focus on alignment and body mechanics.
Kid’s Yoga – Kid’s will have fun while dancing, yoga-ing, and acting silly with yoga props.

Kundalini Yoga – A dynamic yoga practice which clears energy pathways for greater vitality and inner peace.
Mom and Baby Yoga - Moms practice yoga without leaving their children behind.
Restorative Yoga – Restful class utilizing props to support and sustain our bodies. No experience necessary. Relax & Renew!
Seva Yoga – A class offered in the spirit of selfless service to the community, this class is a slowed down version of Vinyasa Flow with emphasis on continuous movement and coordination of breath.
Slow Flow Yoga – A slowed down version of Vinyasa Flow with emphasis on continuous movement and coordination of breath.
Therapeutic Hatha – Through the practice of asana, kriyas (complete actions), pranayama and mantra, this class focuses on reducing physical pain, improving joint and organ functions and increasing overall health and well-being.
Yin Yoga -Contains the original essence of asana practice where the intent was strictly for sages to be able to sit for extended periods of time in meditation.  In this practice we target the deep connective tissues of the body.
Yoga Nidra – A powerful practice of deep relaxation and guided visualization.

Special Classes during Teacher Trainings open to Public:
Chakra Yoga
A dynamic & consciousness stimulating  yoga class where you learn the  esoteric psychology of the chakra which represents a universal life lesson followed by a kundalini practice that activates that center using posture, yantra and mantra.
5 Elements Yoga
This is a playful yoga class that explores the energy and qualities of each of the 5 elements. For the yogic practitioner this is the energetic lens of viewing asana, pranayama and and how they reflect Nature. At the completion of each sequence of postures on an element there is a simple meditative journey using an essential oil.
Vajrayogini Yoga – From the lineage of Tibetan yoga practiced by women, this practice brings the Earth energy into the body through dance like movements reminiscent of Tai Chi. Learn ceremonial  Breathing Hands, Spreading the Wings of the Dragon, and Opening the Lotus of the Heart to create a flow through the energy channels in the body. For those of any level of yogic experience, for men and women from beginner to advanced.