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Saturday, October 10th

Community Kirtan

Community Kirtan

Join us for a night of devotional call and response chanting and singing the many names of the divine. Community Kirtan is open to all and features a rotating cast of local and visiting musicians leading the sacred and uplifting melodies and rhythms.




Where: 7 Centers Yoga Arts
When: October 10th 7:00-9:00pm
Cost: Donation

To learn more, call 928-203-4400

Saturday, October 17th


Kirtaniyas-2015-web“Los Angeles based Kirtaniyas are a global Kirtan collective from London (UK), Hilo (Hawaii), Hamburg (Germany) and Gainesville (Florida). These energetic, multitalented twenty-somethings grew up in a Vedic culture of song, dance, philosophy and devotion between ashrams and temples both in India and the western world. Lead vocalist Vijay first met electronic music producer and mridanga drummer Nitai in 2003 in the sacred village of Vrindavana, India while studying devotional Indian folk music known as “Kirtan”. This rare traditional art form is an ancient call-and-response devotional mantra chanting practice, that originated in the Indian subcontinent over 5000 years ago. Joined together with his musically gifted wife Sarasvati, soulful vocalist, Rasika, and drummer Nitai, Vijay formed “Kirtaniyas” in 2009. The four have since travelled the world to over 15 countries infusing new life to these ancient chants with youthful spirit and energy. Early 2012 saw the release of the long anticipated first album called “Heart & Soul” through Silenzio (Europe) and White Swan Records (USA). Funded largely by the groups growing fan base, the album debuted at #11 on the itunes World music chart. All the band members are multi-instrumentalists accomplished in traditional Indian style vocals, harmonium, classical violin, tabla and mrdanga drums, hand cymbals, bells, gub gubi and electronic music production. They have collaborated with artists such as Kula Shaker, Cheb i Sabbah, The Polish Ambassador, MC Yogi, Jai Uttal, DJ Drez, Hiatus, SaQi and others.

Where: 7 Centers Yoga Studio
Date: Saturday, October 17th, 2015
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Cost: Presale $20 / At the door $25
Presale tickets available at Crystal Magic and bhaktitribesedona.com
For More Information: Call 928-203-1147 or visit www.bhaktitribesedona.com


 Friday, November 6th

Sirgun Kaur Live in Concert



There has never been any question in Sirgun Kaur’s mind what she should do “when she grew up.” From collecting nursery rhymes as an infant, to sharing her adolescent woes with a sympathetic piano, or touring the United States as a singer-songwriter in her early 20s, music has always been an anchor in Sirgun’s life. It was not until she discovered Kundalini Yoga, chanting, and mantra, however, that she understood the transformative and healing potential of music. In a word: magical! Since then, Sirgun has released four albums of sacred chants: Reclaim Your Happiness, DayaalThe Cosmic Gift, and The Music Within. Sirgun’s first two albums were funded entirely through the generous support of her global fanbase, for which she is infinitely grateful. She lives in Phoenix, AZ, with her husband and son.

Where: 7 Centers Yoga Studio
Date: Friday, November 6th, 2015
Time: 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Cost: Presale $15 / At the door $20
Presale tickets available at Crystal Magic and bhaktitribesedona.com
For More Information: Call 928-203-1147 or visit www.bhaktitribesedona.com

 Thursday, November 19th

Yoga, Ayurveda and Jyotish

With Mas Vidal


Mas Vidal110:00-12:00pm Yoga Detox: “The Ultimate Detox Practice”

Come and experience many unique postures, energy techniques and pranayamas rarely taught, to destroy the toxic-obstacles to health and wellness. The Yoga Detox is essential for all those seeking to improve their health and wanting to expand the mind. Learn and enjoy how classical Raja and Hatha yoga along with ayurvedic principles can be integrated in a modern and dynamic and engaging manner.

1:30 – 4:00pm Sun, Moon & Earth: “The Sacred Relationship of Yoga, Ayurveda & Jyotish”

Let us go on a journey together to explore the eternal relationship spirit shares with nature, the stars and planets. Understand the true ideal of what it means to have a “relationship” and discover that all of life is a demonstration of various relationships between our personal life, the planet earth, between our body, mind and soul, our family life and how we relate with our communities. Mas brings a practical but yet concise approach to the ideal Vedic lifestyle in the modern era.

Where: 7 Centers Yoga Arts
When: November 19th
Cost:  $95

To learn more , visit www.dancingshiva.com or call 928-203-4400

Friday, November 20

Yoga, Vedic Planetary Myths and Sacred Geometry with

Rama Jyoti Vernon & Ruth Hartung

Gods and Goddesses


Author of Yoga The Practice of Myth  & Sacred Geometry, Rama interprets asana through the Vedic myths  and connects it to sacred geometry. This is a practical class exploring the families of Vedic deities though storytelling, asana and breath.

Where:7 Centers Yoga Arts
When: November 20th, 9-4pm
Cost: $95.00 by October 15, $125 after
To register call 928-203-4400 or email yoga@7centers.com


November 27th-29th

Citizen Diplomacy Workshop

Level 2: Global


In recent years, a new kind of Citizen has emerged: Citizens who can no longer wait for government to solve the world’s growing problems: Citizens who must speak, act and stand for what they believe in: Citizens with the courage to cross the borders of personal, political, ideological beliefs to embrace the oneness of all humanity.

Based on principles found in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, this course presents the possibilities of training in peace strategies and demonstrates how our conflict as individuals relates to global conflict. Citizen diplomacy is a path of  exploring how both can be transformed and used constructively as a dynamic force for positive change.

Cost: $485/ Early Registration $385 by October 1.
Times:   Friday November 27  9-5pm, Saturday November 28th  9-5pm, Sunday November 29th 9-4pm  (20 Hours CEU’s)
Location: 7 Centers Yoga Arts