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March 6th  7-9pm

An Evening with Igor Kufayev – Vamadeva

IgorKufayev_AwakeBody-01The story of individual metamorphosis is no longer an isolated event, but an integral part of global transformation on a collective level. For many, though, the experience of the impact of higher states of consciousness is accompanied by shadows of doubt and fears at being unable at times to with stand this overpowering process.

Faced with the dilemma of balancing the intensity of spiritual insights with the necessity of functioning in this world, many are left in limbo on how to deal with this process. As a result we tend to underestimate the fact that awakening is rooted in neurophysiological processes. Its impact on our physiology is profound.

This gathering is an invitation to go beyond the boundaries of what is perceived to be the body, and to see oneself in light of one’s own awareness. There will be a talk, with short guided meditation and time for Q&A.

Where:  7 Centers Yoga Arts
When:  March 6th, 7-9pm
Cost:  $20 Advance Purchase, $25 At the Door
For More Info: Email Kriss Kringle  or call 7 Centers Yoga Arts (928) 203-4400

 March 7-14th

Chakra Yoga Intensive


65 CEU’s (Continuing Education Credits) available to Yoga Teachers!

Join Sraddhasagar (Ruth Hartung), and faculty for a week-long journey exploring the chakras through yoga, sound, meditation and art. Each day focuses on a single chakra, establishing direct experiences that participants can draw on as teachers, healers or students.

Daily Schedule

5:30-7:30am Chakra Sadhana – Activating the Kundalini
7:35-8:30am Breakfast
8:30-9:00am Karma Yoga
9:00-10:30am Chakra Psychology
10:30 -12:30pm Chakra Yoga
12:30 – 1:30pm Ayurvedic Lunch
1:30-3pmpm Nature Walk and Journaling
3:15-4:30pm Chakra Yantra Painting/Coloring

For more information call Sydney at 928-203-4400 and to register click here.

 March 21 – 22nd


Barbara Marciniak and the Pleiadian’s Spring Equinox in Sedona


 Surfing these Wild Card Times!

“The Pleiadians want to show us that it’s really a frequency battle and that we will be chipped and hologrammed and taken over if we continue to advocate our “normal” thinking process… Many people today are programmed, brainwashed robots or even cloned beings… We don’t know what’s real any more because the design of the Times is confusion.  We must find our clarity by developing a standard among this tremendous chaos and confusion, because that’s what will strengthen the gene pool and pull up the frequency that the Pleiadians in the future are looking for. Becoming responsible and accountable and also by immersing ourselves in nature helps create the standards we need. These Times between December 2012 and 2017 are especially critical. The Pleiadians call them ‘Wild Card’ Times’ due to the unpredictable and fast-changing switches by those in Power as they loose control of the planet.”

Join Barbara in Sedona to understand how these Times are affecting you; how to “surf” the waves of change & uncertainty, and weather the storm.

The 2015 Seminar price is  $180 for both days  OR   $115  for either Saturday or Sunday alone.  

To Register Go to:  www.chetsnow.com/barbara.html or  contact Chet by return e-mail or call  daytimes at (928) 204-1962.    

 March 25-29th


Jin Shin JyutsuJSJ 5DSH Sedona 2015 “Self Help” 5-Day Seminar w/ Sarah Harper

Harmonize, Balance and Relax the body’s energy. Discover the innate keys to the treasures of Body Mind and Spirit. Awaken your Awareness as to what ‘Being’ is. “Be the FUN!!! Fulfillment, Understanding, No-thing. Be the Breath I am!”

Where: 7 Centers Yoga Arts
When: March 25-29th  9:00am – 5:
Cost: $595.00 (Early Bird Discount $550)
For More Info:  Please Call 216-906-9655 or 928-284-0430