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April 10th, 17th & 24th

David Seven Centers Poster copyDavid Spero is a Radiantly Awakened Spiritual Master, published poet and author of Beyond the Place of Laughter and Tears in the Land of Devotion, a book of ecstatic spiritual writings. David offers a viscerally potent spiritual transmition of Divine Light, Devotional Love and Prana-Kundalini Shakti, which creates a sublime atmosphere for engaging in true spiritual inquiry and dialog, and facilitates a deep mediation.  David’s gatherings typically include a silent mediation and a discussion on spiritual topics.  All are warmly welcome and no previous experience in meditation is required.

When:  April 10th, 17th, 24th  from 7:30-9pm
Where: 7 Centers Yoga Arts Yurt
Cost:  By Donation
For More Information, please call (928) 282-4419 or email or call Susan at (928) 300-9962


 Sunday, April 20th


Bhante at Seven Center msHealing Through Loving Kindness Practice with Bhante Sujatha

Connect with your natural healing power under the gentle guidance of Bhante Sujatha, Buddhist monk from Blue Lotus Temple in Woodstock, IL. This 2-hour workshop has been life-changing for many of its participants, regardless of religious background. The teaching is centered on the cultivation of self-love, for without healthy self-love, you cannot be fully present to love anyone or anything else.

Workshop activities will include:
• Lecture: “What Is Loving-Kindness?”
• Learning the practice of Loving-Kindness
• A profound blessing of healing energy for each individual

Benefits of this beautiful workshop are:

• Reduced stress, anxiety, worry and depression
• Heal and enhance relationships with others.
• Gain a sense of empowerment over challenging issues in your life.
• Insight into your life purpose.
• Awaken to the blessings of the present moment.
• Attain an unshakable inner peace.

Bhante Sujatha, a 30+ year Buddhist Monk, is singularly focuses on adding more love in the world. Bhante teaches loving-kindness meditation to people around the globe for all those seeking the art of happiness and contentment. His approach to meditation is deep and simple, bringing core Buddhist teachings to everyone in a way that is practical and easy to understand. A joyful, radiant, funny and wildly energetic monk, Bhante will help you obtain peace that can only be found in deep silence. He is originally from Sri Lanka and is the head monk / abbot of the Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple and Meditation Center in Woodstock, IL

Bhante believes his purpose is not only to teach meditation, but also, “teach people how to be happy.”

When:  Sunday, April 20th @ 3;30-5:30pm
Where:  7 Centers Yoga Arts
Cost:  $35 / per person
To Register or For more Info, please call Harumi, 480-768-7570 or Mally, at 7 Centers 928-203-4400

Friday, April 25th


Indian-Classical-Music-Concert-PosterBhakti Tribe Sedona presents the Sacred Music of South India with Emmanuelle Martin

Carnatic music is one of the oldest musical forms still being practiced today, with roots in ancient Hindu musical traditions of the 12th century.  With a foundation in Indian styles of raga (melodic modes) and tala (rhythmic cycles), centered around the voice and the interplay of vocals with the mrdangam (drum) and violin, Carnatic music blends compile devotional compositions and intricate improvisation. Read more here.

When:  Friday, April 25th @ 7:30pm
Where:  7 Centers Yoga Arts
Cost:  $20
For more info, please call Bhakti Tribe Sedona  (928) 203-1147




Saturday, April 26th


Esoteric Anatomy FlyerEsoteric Anatomy of the Chakras with Jeff Masters

Blending ancient wisdom with modern science, this intensive workshop is a tour-de-force journey through the seven sacred centers of personal transformation.  Participants will explore in detail the physical and energetic anatomy of the chakras, as well as the impact each has on our physiology, psychology, and the perception of the world.

Topics include:

  • Physical Corollaries of the Chakra System
  • Detailed Energetic Anatomy
  • Therapeutic Mythology of the Chakras
  • Psychological & Perception Impact of the Chakras
  • Selected Practices to Highlight Each Chakra
  • Postures and Breath Work
  • Marma Point Therapy


When: Saturday, April 26th @ 10am-4pm with a break for lunch
Where: 7 Centers Yoga Art
Cost:  Early Bird Special by April 20th – $108, After $125
To Register or For More Information: call (928) 203-6726 or visit website


May 10th


Kirtanyas 1397188963Bhakti Tribe Sedona presents Kirtaniyas

Los Angeles based Kirtaniyas are a global Kirtan collective from London (UK), Hilo (Hawaii), Hamburg (Germany) and Gainesville (Florida). These energetic, multitalented twenty-somethings grew up in a Vedic culture of song, dance, philosophy and devotion between ashrams and temples both in India and the western world. Lead vocalist Vijay first met electronic music producer and mridanga drummer Nitai in 2003 in the sacred village of Vrindavana, India while studying devotional Indian folk music known as “Kirtan”. This rare traditional art form is an ancient call-and-response devotional mantra chanting practice, that originated in the Indian subcontinent over 5000 years ago. Joined together with his musically gifted wife Sarasvati, soulful vocalist, Rasika, and drummer Nitai, Vijay formed “Kirtaniyas” in 2009. The four have since travelled the world to over 15 countries infusing new life to these ancient chants with youthful spirit and energy. Read More ….

When:  Saturday, May 10 @ 7:30pm
Where:  7 Centers Yoga Arts
Cost:  PreSale $20/ Door $25
For More Info:  (928) 203-1147 or visit website