Jesus Christ, a Truly Enlightened Yogi

Although history would have us believe the two cultures are so vastly different, upon reflection we find there are in fact many more similarities to celebrate.
We see that Jesus’ life and teachings exemplified the very same practices we are aiming to cultivate on our own yogic path. He is an enlightened master, who showed us through his own example, that man is made in the image of God, and that human beings are in fact divine expressions of the creator. He was on Earth to show that each one of us is capable of attaining the same union with the Divine. Isn’t this the exact same ultimate goal of all Vedic practices… self-realization, to become one with God, Moksha?

There are some familiar Biblical stories from the life of Christ that remind us of the various Vedic sciences we commonly use today.

There are some familiar Biblical stories from the life of Christ that remind us of the various Vedic sciences we commonly use today.

•    Starting with the birth of baby Jesus, it is said that the three wise Magi (sages) from the East followed the auspicious stars (astrology) to welcome and kneel in prostration before the heavenly prince. We are each born with a divine soul blueprint, and Vedic Astrology helps us to clarify our own dharma and life purpose.
•    They brought him gifts of frankincense, gold and myrrh, all used in Ayurvedic medicinal preparations and treatments today. Throughout the bible many similar herbs and culinary spices are cited as healing foods and medicines.
•    There is possibility that Jesus traveled to India sometime between the ages of 12-30, to learn and share teachings with the mystical yogis of the Himalayan region. These spiritual gurus were able to attain certain siddhis, or supernatural powers such as levitation, manifestation, hands on healing, and freedom from physical pain. When Jesus’ story resumes in Israel at the age of 30, we read the verses of these exact miracles. We too are capable of these magical yogic siddhis through austere tapas, deep meditative states, and grace of the Guru.
•    Jesus instructed his disciples to go forth and heal the sick by anointing them with oils. In Mark 6:13 it says “And they cast out many demons (toxins), and anointed with oil many that were sick, and healed them.” This is only one of many, many bible verses that describes the anointing and healing of the sick with oils. This is exactly what is done in Ayurvedic Pancha Karma spa therapies, the anointing and pouring of oils to rid the body of demons/toxins, and heal disease. (While doing research, I was surprised to find one website that quotes at least 94 verses on the use of oils in the bible.
•    Jesus preached to his followers of the Divine Trinity. Though the names are different, Vedic philosophy also explains the divine forces as a Trinity (Brahma Vishnu and Shiva) which Ayurveda then transcribes into the elemental tridoshic forces of nature and man.
•    Jesus’ crucifixion and subsequent resurrection can be seen as a metaphor for our own spiritual journey, as we each have crosses to bear. Vedic teaching is that it is only through the death of the ego (our mistaken separation from God), can we rise again in eternal life, in union with the Divine.
•    Jesus taught by example how to be the ultimate karma yogi, living a life of seva, in total selfless service to humanity.

This article is only meant in great respect to the Lord Jesus, who’s life as an enlightened yogi is an inspiration for us to follow, whether we are Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish or Muslim. As students on the path of YOGA, it is important to remember that we are not only studying “Indian” concepts, but rather universal practices, that are of benefit to every human.  Merry Christmas!

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