List of Services


Public Yoga
Join in our daily classes. 5 and 10 and unlimited class passes available.

Private Yoga Class
Choose from various styles of yoga for your personalized one-on-one private Yoga Session.

Hiking w/ Yoga and/or Meditation
You will enjoy a personalized guided private yoga and/or meditation hike against the backdrop of Sedona’s beautiful red rocks. You can request a vortex location for the hike.

Yoga Nidra (Psychic sleep)
This practice brings an incredible calmness, quietness and deep relaxation, better than a nap. Yoga Nidra is one of the deepest of all meditations, leading awareness through many levels of mental process to a state of supreme stillness and insight.

Meditation Instruction
Learn the time honored practice of meditation. Instructed in the vipasana style, which means to see things as they really are, it is one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation.

One of the Eight-Limbs of Yoga, it is the practice of breath regulation considered essential for health and vitality. You will be gently guided through the instruction of different types of Pranayama depending on your needs. Through this practice, one is better prepared for asana and meditation.

Yogic Cleansings (demonstrations and programs)/ Dinacarya
Learn the basics of Shatkarmas including: neti (sinus cleansing), trataka (mental purification), eye wash, tongue scraping, and kunjala. Dinacarya is a daily  self-care routine that combines yogic and Ayurvedic practices easily integrated into busy lifestyles.

In the Vedic tradition, a Mantra is a seed sound or phrase, when repeated with bhakti (devotion), can bring about a change in our consciousness. In a beautiful ceremony, you will be introduced to the correct Sanskrit pronunciation, translation, and meaning of the mantra chosen for you. You will learn about the Vedic deity associated with the mantra, and how this divine being works in your life to bring forth positive outcomes. Along with the mantra, you will be shown Mudras (energetic hand gestures) & correlating Yantras (sacred geometric symbols), to even further empower the sounds. You will be guided to an auspicious time/day of the week that this mantra should be initiated into your home routine. Dedicated mantra recitation is an excellent addition to one’s daily meditation and yoga practice.

Spiritual Counsel (incorporating the Yoga Sutras and Enneagram)
Ideal for those that are experiencing personal conflict or impending changes in some area of life. Sraddhasagar, Director and Co-Founder of 7 Center Yoga Arts, will assist you, using the classical teachings of the yoga sutras and enneagram model, to understand and strategize on actions that can be taken around an issue in order to come to greater resolution and inner peace.


Ayurvedic Constitutional Assessment
Addresses your specific health concerns. Includes an in-depth dosha (body/mind type) analysis, pulse reading & tongue examination. Learn to heal your body and relax your mind with customized Ayurvedic lifestyle recommendations. Achieve balance through foods, herbs, body care, sound sleep, internal cleansing, and beneficial daily routines.

Abhyangha Oil Massage
Lots of warm oils are poured onto the body and then massaged with hot stones. The herbal oils reverse aging by nourishing dry skin and deep tissue layers.
Marma (acupressure) points relax sore muscles, joints and bones. This full body Lymphatic massage removes toxic accumulation and energetic stagnation.

Shiro Dhara
A steady flow of warm oil onto the forehead, stimulating the third eye and crown chakras. A most divine meditative experience. This ancient Ayurvedic therapy awakens intuitive abilities. Excellent for relieving stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and migraines.

Ayurvedic Nutritional Assessment
Guidance in cooking healing foods for your individual constitution and/or health concerns you would like to work with. Shruthi will work with you personally using kitchen medicine – food, spices, herbs and essential oils – to remedy imbalances in the body and mind. You’ll come away with a course of action, menu plans, a cookbook and advice.

Ayurvedic Private Cooking Class
For hands on practical cooking guidance you may opt for this as an extension to the consultation. Shruthi will help you come up with a few basic meals that benefit your constitution and/or a disease or imbalance and then show you how to cook them. This adventure will include a trip to the grocery store and advice about shopping, prep, cooking and food to take home.


Natal Chart Reading w/ Debra Infante
This session includes an in-depth interpretation of your Vedic astrology chart. It focuses on the potential of the birth chart, including life tendencies, karmic patterns, and possible areas of challenge needed for personal growth. Natal readings also include discussion of your currently planetary cycle (dasha) and current planetary transits.

Relationship Compatibility Reading
This session compares two Vedic charts in order for deeper understanding of the dynamics of the relationship. This session can shed light on the positive interactions between the charts, as well as give insight on the challenging issues and lessons. Permission is needed from both people involved to do the session. This reading can be between romantic partners or two family members.


Myofascial Release
Myofascial release sessions make use of both the gentle, more passive release of myofascial unwinding, and deeper pressure of direct release, using trigger point therapy and deep tissue techniques. This bodywork is great for anyone who feels “trapped” in their body due to constriction because it uses techniques to get the fascia ‘unstuck’ and fluid again in the body, thus allowing the underlying muscle room to move.

Choose from a variety of traditional and unique modalities including but not limited to Deep Tissue, Swedish, Reflexology, Hot Stone and Jin Shin Jyutsu, Cranial Sacral, Lymphatic, Cupping, Neuromuscular, Abyhanga, Hot Stone

Energy Work
Choose from a variety of traditional and unique modalities including but not limited to Primus activation healing technique, Chakra balancing, Reiki

Trager Balancing
A completely relaxing modality, Trager massage brings together the practice of natural body balancing and tension release through gentle motion, allowing your body’s natural healing to again find its own rhythm.

Healing Sound Crystal Bowl Sessions
Sessions work with intention and vibrational frequencies to dislodge blockages in our physical and ethereal bodies. Our body being comprised of about 70 percent water becomes the conductor for the sound waves harmonic resonance. In the process the body is assisted in finding balance.

Chinese Medicine
Acupuncture, Herbal Consultation