Having searched the USA, far and wide, to find an “Ashram Style” Yoga teaching center, that satisfied and adhered to the more ancient and esoteric roots of this beautiful tradition… I had all but given up hope in the States… I was considering a trip to India until, through a series of interesting circumstances, I happened to stumble upon 7 Centers website… Wherein a hidden jewel has been revealed, alas… It is the most all encompassing, comprehensive, accredited Yoga Teacher Training facility within the states! After completing the Chakra Intensive this summer 2012, my 3rd workshop at 7 Centers working towards 500 hours, I can say with reverence, What a truly sacred experience…  content, location and staff included!
Ronnie L, Cornville, AZ

7 Centers Yoga Arts simply expressed – truly profound. I recommend this training to everyone on the planet. Thank you 7 Centers!
Heather R, Santa Fe, NM

7 Centers Yoga Arts is my heart. It is my sanctuary and it is my family. 7 Centers is not just a school where one goes to learn yoga or become a teacher. It is a life changing experience waiting to be savored again and again. I took my teacher training in October of 07 not knowing that my ordinary life would never be the same. Imagine yourself in a cocoon one day one only to emerge a beautiful butterfly come graduation. This is what it looks like to be a part of this training. What it feels like, however, is a rebirth-a baptism of sorts….an extraordinary new way to participate in life.
Katie L, Sedona, AZ

Respectful teachers, Sydney, lovely yogi dudes! I decided to join the training starts January 6, 2008. There were 14 members in the training. I was only male, only from foreign country. I couldn’t understand or speak English well. In the training, it was a deep study about being human. I loved the schedule. Cleansings such as Jala Neti in the early morning, holy meditation, beautiful hiking, deep yoga nidra, delicious Ayurvedic meals, full of joy from conversations with my very good friends and more. Now I’m teaching Yoga at a sports gym in Tokyo. I have 4 classes to teach a week. I’m loving this job sharing yoga to many people who need it. Also I’ m taking Yoga classes for myself. Since graduating  7 Centers Yoga Arts, I have begun to walk like a fish that got water. If I didn’t meet all of you, my life would have been more smaller and not shining.
Takayuki, Japan

This school changed my life in the best of ways! I am forever grateful.
Stephanie S

I did this training 12 years ago(!!), in June of 2004. It changed the course of my life and gave me the confidence to pursue the path of yoga teacher in a way that was rare then and even more rare now. Shraddha is a true teacher and her own embodiment of so much of the yogic life… from her presence, her words, ability to articulate … everything she imparts is a tool for transformation. The tools that she imparted to me were used to create a structural foundation for my inner life that wanted the freedom to expand far and wide yet to be grounded. I am so grateful that I did my initial 200 hour training at 7 Centers .. there have been many trainings that came after but none compare with the gifts of expanded consciousness and tools to empower oneself in order to help others empower themselves.  I learned how to lead with my own body mind spirit awareness , and all other teachings were layered on to that. I could go literally all day discussing the gifts I’ve received from that training. Not to mention that in a world where still we don’t have a saturation of empowered women leaders — Shraddha for me was embodying the feminine, teaching and leading with the feminine yet it was combined with the strength and fierceness of a mighty King. It was clear to me that she had done the work on herself to sculpt these virtues into her refined presence and in that way, was a great role model for me.
Karen G, San Francisco, CA

My experience at 7 Centers was phenomenal. I treasure the time spent there as well as the individuals that were a part of such an amazing experience. I recommend it over and over again to friends and acquaintances. It’s truly a wonderful program!!
Giulia G., Paradise Valley, AZ

I attended a 30 day teacher training intensive at 7 Centers in 2005. It was truly one of the best things I have ever done for myself! I had been practicing yoga for about nine years before attending the program, but I soon discovered that I really had no clue what yoga was before this experience! The knowledge, as well as the mental, physical and emotional healing that I gained from the program is unsurpassed. The authentic Ashram style nature of the training, Sraddhasagar’s passion and knowledge, and the way the true essence of yoga was shared during those thirty days had a profound impact on my life. The yoga center’s location in Sedona, one of the most beautiful places on the planet, was an added benefit to this experience. I have continued to study and practice yoga since the training, and hold a deep appreciation for the foundations of yoga that I learned in this fabulous program. I will continue on the yogic path for the rest of my journey here on Earth, and am deeply grateful to Sraddha and her staff for my experience at 7 Centers.
Ann H, Sedona, AZ

Doing the Fall 2009 yoga teacher training with 7 Centers has been truly transformative, life changing…the process continues to unfold. My heart is filled with deep gratitude and appreciation for the yogic wisdom freely shared by Sraddha and others at 7 Centers. There were fun times and I made some wonderful new friends but there were some challenging moments too for sure- all totally worth it!!
Breanna H, Sedona, AZ

7 Centers did an excellent job exposing its students to various types of yoga, and ultimately allowing us to choose the forms that most speak to us in terms of our teaching. I still follow many of the Ayurvedic techniques that we practiced there, and I really felt as if the anatomy, philosophy, and sequencing methods that we were learned were top-notch. I was very ready to teach when I left there in 2004, and have been teaching ever since!
Lindsey M, Astoria, NY

— THE BREATH – changed my own life forever  –  Spending 30 days consistently learning the power of the breath on the body during movement – the mind during meditation – it is something you have to live with guidance for 30 days to really make it apart of your own healing and life.
 Kathleen M,  NJ

Seven Centers Yoga Arts is an authentic school of healing & self development. I found this school only days before the program started. The only thing that I knew at the time is that I needed to do this program. It’s discipline resonated in my core and joined in my heart. I felt fear and excitement at the same time and knew this would be a life enhancing journey with some difficulties, but I would reach the pot of gold at the end. I stay committed to the program and my soul’s work. I highly recommend this program to a truth seeking soul looking to live Yoga. Shraddha is a blessing to the world.
P. Shirley