Vedic Astrology for April 2017

April brings increased retrograde energies, with four planets (Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury) in retrograde motion at least part of the month. When a planet is retrograde, its vibrations are turned inward and it can even become a more powerful time as unresolved issues surface to be reviewed and overcome. Then as the planets go direct, we are able to make better decisions with greater awareness. These retrograde energies will be especially strong for 7 days, from April 9 through April 15, 2017, when all four planets (Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury) are retrograde.


First, on April 5, 2017, Saturn, the lord of time, karma, and truth, goes retrograde at 3 degrees Sagittarius. It will eventually retrograde back into the sign of Scorpio on June 20, 2017 and

Nasa Photo of Saturn

doesn’t go direct until August 25, 2017 at 27 degrees of Scorpio. Saturn will again be passing through the significant and challenging degrees called gandanta, which means “spiritual knot,” as it retrogrades and then goes direct this year. Old patterns, barriers, and fears that arose in January and February 2017 can slowly be revived once again this spring, summer, and fall for our review, understanding, and correction.
In general, most of this year we are given great opportunities to come into alignment with the highest energies of Saturn, which include connecting to one’s true self, taking responsibility for the consequences of one’s actions, becoming more self-disciplined, and embracing the need for equality, peace, and respect in our relationships and in the world. Saturn retrograde can bring up issues of self-doubt or limitation to be healed and transformed. Inner tensions arise if we are out of integrity, as Saturn requires honesty. But don’t be so hard on yourself. With Saturn retrograde we are developing more strength, patience, and proper detachment. Let go of things that no longer serve you. Time spent alone may be more appealing.  But watch for too much isolation or worry. Spending time in nature or being in supportive and peaceful environments are positive remedies.

Jupiter, Mercury and Virtue, detail, by Dosso Dossi, 1524



Mercury, planet of communications and travel, goes retrograde April 9 until May 3, 2017. During the retrograde phase it’s a goodtime to review plans, research new ideas, and clean out closets! Back up your computer. Choose your words carefully. Listen and be fully present with others. This is a good time for inner reflection, meditation, and contemplation. Venus, planet of love, relationships, and finance, still retrograde in its exalted sign of Pisces since March 3, 2017, goes direct on April 15, 2017. While retrograde we reassess and re-evaluate our romantic relationships, our ability to do self-care, and our financial situations. This is a time to re-define what is truly valuable to us. Unfinished business connected to old love patterns can surface to be acknowledged and transformed. Even strong, existing relationships can sometimes be strengthened during this time. Forgiveness and compassion are good remedies now. Once Venus goes direct, we have more clarity about real love and what is most important to us, so we can move forward.

Jupiter, planet of spirituality and prosperity has been retrograde since February 5, 2017 and will be retrograde a few more months, going direct on June 19, 2017. During Jupiter retrograde our abundance is experienced on an inner level. We are not as concerned with the material aspects of life, and are more concentrated on creating peace of mind and finding our center, which is priceless! This year, Akshaya Tritiya (a very auspicious day in the Vedic calendar), occurs on April 28, 2017. This positive day occurs each year on the third lunar day of the waxing moon in either April or May, when the Sun and Moon are both exalted. Traditionally, any venture begun on this day grows and brings prosperity. According to ancient legend, this is the day when the sacred Ganges River descended to the earth from heaven.


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