Vedic Astrology for August 2013

vintage virgoVenus, planet of love, relationship, and healing, will transit Virgo, its sign of debility, from August 11, 2013 through September 6, 2013. We become more interested in natural, alternative healing techniques and honoring nature, the environment and the planet. Venus in Virgo is more service-oriented, and dedicated to helping others. On the shadow-side, we can be more critical of our relationships and love, as we want perfection! We tend to come more from our head that our heart. Making a conscious effort to open our heart, in order to become more vulnerable in our interactions with our loved ones can be helpful. Remedies for Venus could be chanting (mantra is Om Shukraya Namaha), expressing artistic talents, performing devotional practices, and being more appreciative in life.

Mars, the planet of energy and action, now transits Cancer, its sign of debility from August 18, 2013 through October 5, 2013. On the positive, this transit can increase our capacity to protect and help our families and loved ones. Cancer is a sensitive water sign, so deep feelings about home, family, and security may surface. We may feel extra emotional sensitivity, so take care in responding to others, and watch for any passive-aggressive tendencies. A challenge with Mars in Cancer can be the necessity of strong motivation to act, a sort of resistance to change, or acting out of phase. This is a time to be mindful, becoming more aware of how our actions affect others.  Working courageously to heal old wounds is possible. Remedies for Mars in Cancer could practicing yoga, having body work or massages, or be involved with any therapeutic techniques that help balance the emotions, working through issues of anger and frustration.

When Mars transits the sign of2007-0724mars nasa Cancer, it will aspect the sign of Libra and the planets Saturn and Rahu (north node of Moon) from August 18 until October 5, 2013. In addition, Mars will aspect Saturn, and Saturn will aspect Mars (mutual aspect), so we can experience increased reactivity and anxiety in ourselves and in our world. Jupiter in Gemini and Rahu in Libra are also aspecting each other, so watch for feeding your fears or self-obsessing. This is a time to use common sense (Saturn) and make decisions from a balanced mind and with stable emotions. Don’t act if you feel increased urgency, or your motivation is not authentic to your goals. Regular meditation, having a routine that includes relaxation and proper rest, practicing neutrality (no over-reaction), and focusing on the positive can be good remedies.

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