Vedic Astrology for January

In January 2018, Saturn, planet of stability and truth, settles into the fire sign of Sagittarius until January 2020.

Previously, during most of 2017, the normally grounded Saturn was moving very slowly between the two signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius, and transiting very sensitive and significant degrees, initiating change, but not generating much steadiness in our lives. Now we begin to stabilize and commit to expressing our true dharma or purpose in life. Venus, planet of relationship and healing will be combust the Sun most of the month, indicating more effort is required to restore and appreciate the important connections we have with others.
The transit of Mars is quite strong this month as it moves to its own sign of Scorpio on January 16, 2018, bringing more drive, ambition, and depth, but control issues may surface. And at the end of the month on January 31, 2018, we begin the winter eclipse season with a lunar eclipse in the sign of Cancer, signaling a time of revelation and significant change. Saturn in Sagittarius powerfully shines the light on equality, and that includes humanitarian concerns, human rights, and fairness within the government and judicial system. Personally, we are asked to scrutinize our belief system, and begin to “walk our talk.” Challenges could bring delays or restrictions as we try to uncover the truth in our society, or we have difficulty in letting go of old prejudices and beliefs that no longer serve us. We are redefining our value system – personally and collectively.
In addition, Saturn in Sagittarius is transiting the nakshatra of Mula, which means “the root.” We need to go deep to find our truths and get to the heart of the matter. Mula also relates to medicinal roots or alternative medicine, so we could find that Ayurvedic remedies are quite helpful. Mula’s deity is Kali, goddess of destruction, and so some dissolving qualities emerge. Weak foundations can crumble or even our own ignorance is destroyed, in order to set us on the right track toward self-actualization.
Venus is traveling very close to the Sun (within 5 degrees) the entire month as both the Sun and Venus move through the signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn.  When a planet is extra close to the Sun it is called combustion, meaning its significations and integrity are somewhat weakened. Conflicts in love and relationship could surface to be addressed. Venus combust can actually increase the desire for love or compassion to be an integral part of our lives. The challenge with combustion is our inability to express this desire. For example, we can’t find the time in our busy schedules for relationship bonding and healing. So use this transit to prioritize your life to include enough time to really share with your loved ones and to appreciate them. Try not to overwork, and by committing to create time for self-care, and you may find it much easier to express gratitude to those you love.

Mars enters its own sign of Scorpio from January 16 to March 6, 2018. Mars is quite driven, focused and desirous in Scorpio. This is a powerful transit, that bring passion and motivates us to accomplish our goals. Scorpio is a fixed water sign, generating persevering and persistent energies, even to the point of stubbornness, coupled with an inability to release old emotional hurts. This is a time to allow the higher side of Mars in Scorpio to dominate, through taking courageous action when needed, improving our energy and vitality through heart-felt activities, and working with determination and discipline. However, Rahu (north Node of the Moon) transiting the sign of Cancer will be aspecting Mars while in Scorpio. This influence exaggerates Mars’ energies. Positively, Mars and Rahu can increase our ambitious actions and the development of inner strength. The shadow of Rahu aspecting Mars brings the increased need to control and dominate others, and this can manifest as power struggles or conflict. However, by directing this amplified energy towards positive spiritual and inspirational expressions, this transit can be quite potent. The choice is up to us. Remedies to uplift Mars would involve activities that soften aggressive energies, such as cultivating patience and mindfulness, and committing to a regular practice of meditation and yoga. The 2018 winter eclipse season begins at the end of January with a lunar eclipse occurring on January 31, 2018 at 17 degrees Cancer in the nakshatra of Ashlesha. In Vedic culture, eclipses are days for spiritual life and meditation, and not for material endeavors or signing contracts. Eclipses are meant for spiritual initiation, meditation, and inner work, and they can trigger personal and spiritual growth. The Nagas, or deified serpents, are associated with this eclipse nakshatra, signifying a connection to kundalini energy, chakra work, deep healing, and transformation.  The shakti of Ashlesha is “the power to poison,” and it carries a charismatic and mesmerizing energy. Ashlesha also possesses a hidden quality, so be aware of any subtle, manipulative tendencies that could surface during this time as well. Discernment, objectivity and honesty are important qualities to embrace during this particular eclipse. Remedies for Ashlesha are to express gratitude in your life and be generous to others.

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