Vedic Astrology for July 2013

Gemini1 (1)On July 4, 2013, Mars enters the sign of Gemini, joining three other planets, Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury. So we have a grouping of four planets in Gemini for the first half of July, which will increase the Gemini themes in our life, such as increased need for intellectual conversations, exposing ourselves to stimulating, educational environments, and a strong desire for self-expression. We can also become bored and restless easily too, and scatter ourselves.

From July 4 to August 18, 2013, Mars (planet of drive and passion) will be in the sign of Gemini (rules communications), as well as traveling with the planet Mercury, so we are  more assertive with our words, and forceful in getting our point across. But there is also a tendency to enter into verbal arguments, especially with those close to us, as Mars in a Mercury-ruled sign can be too quick and impatient. So watch for misunderstandings, which is also being amplified by Mercury (planet of communications) being retrograde until July 20, 2013. Mars in Gemini on the positive can give a quick mind that likes solving problems, with a passion for mental challenges. This is a time we are learning to compassionately talk things through, be focused, and not over-react with others too quickly. Also this transit can help us to review and revise how we spend our energy, by not spreading ourselves too thin, and be more efficient in how we express ourselves.

Retrograde Mercury and the Sun will travel closely together in Gemini, as Mercury becomes combust the Sun (using a 4 degree orb) from July 6 through July 12, 2013, with the exact conjunct at 23 degrees Gemini occurring on July 9, 2013. This is a period to be extra cautious in conversation with others, or with what you put in writing, as it might be misunderstood. Mercury retrograde with the Sun can be a time to re-evaluate the way you present yourself outwardly, a time to come from the heart in a more genuine way.

Mercury is retrograde until July 20, 2013, (which started June 26). So for the first three weeks of July as Mercury is retrograde can bring some challenge in decision-making and how we interpret information. We do want to be extra clear in communications of all types (written or spoken word). As Mercury goes direct on July 20, communications and travel issues will slowly improve and we move forward with more confidence, initiating plans made during the retrograde phase. The retrograde phase is good for re-organization and inner reflection.

The Sun moves into the sign of Cancer mid-month, from July 16 through August 16, 2013. The Sun in Cancer now brings us closer to our families, close friends, and home life. Nurturing, comforting, and introverted activities are a dominant theme. You may wish to be in a more comfortable environment or be with loved ones.  As Cancer is ruled by the Moon, our emotions are more changeable now and strongly felt. We may feel the desire to be more connected to our deepest self, through inner reflection or going on retreat.

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