Vedic Astrology for July 2017

July ushers in deep healing energies with Saturn moving back into the sign of Scorpio during the next four months. We can dissolve our resistance to change by not denying the feelings of discomfort or fear that arise, keeping in mind our ultimate goal of creating a more secure and true foundation. Venus travels its own sign of Taurus this month, a more comforting transit that desires closer connections with loved ones. Rahu, the north node of the Moon, stations at 0 degrees Leo, a critical degree for 2 ½ months, which can bring intensity and unpredictability.  Mars begins its six-week transit through the sign of Cancer mid-July, indicating lessons in assertiveness and how we project our energies out into the world.


In July we will have two planets (Saturn and Rahu) transiting gandanta “spiritual knot” degrees, and later in August we will add a third planet, Mars, as it transits the gandanta degrees from Cancer to Leo.  Planets that transit gandanta degrees (the junction between water and fire signs) are forcing us to transcend and evolve, but at the same time can make us a bit anxious, vulnerable, and uncertain as we break old habits and let go of our stories and drama. At times we can feel we are losing everything, but in reality we are gaining a lot – especially increased awareness and a wider perspective of life.


Saturn, the lord of karma and truth, has been transiting the gandanta degrees of Scorpio and
Sagittarius all year, and recently has moved back into Scorpio for one final “review” from June 20 until October 26, 2017, before it fully enters Sagittarius for three years. Saturn in Scorpio energies prompt us to face our shadow, uncover our secrets and repressed emotions, and fearlessly move to the next level of spiritual growth. We are learning to let go, not to react as we did in the past, and make better and more conscious choices as we move through any resistance. This is a time to come from an open heart, and to be mindful and clear. Be with good and supportive people that uplift you. Get plenty of rest. Go within. Saturn transits are not always easy and take time. Saturn teaches patience and makes you do your work, taking full responsibility. But the end result brings maturity, wisdom, and a deeper sense of being fully present and at peace.


Venus, planet of love, relationships, diplomacy, and finance transits its own sign of Taurus from June 29 until July 25, 2017. Venus is happy in Taurus, and this brings the need for stability and loyalty in love and the desire for heartfelt connections with family and friends. We seek contentment and lasting pleasures in our lives. Artistic endeavors are favored, as well as connecting with nature, gardening, and working for the environment.


On July 4 until September 8, 2017, Rahu stations at 0 degrees Leo (a gandanta degree) and Ketu is at 0 degrees Aquarius for almost 2 ½ months. This is an unusually long time for the nodes to stay at a degree, so significant events can occur during these few months. Uncertainty and intense situations can surface. Remember that the nodes of the Moon always go retrograde, so 0 degrees is the last degree they will transit in the signs of Leo (Rahu) and Aquarius (Ketu) before they shift signs on September 8. The nodes have been in Leo and Aquarius since January 8, 2016. We are learning to balance an amplified sense of self (Rahu in Leo), with serving others and working for the greater good (Ketu in Aquarius). Power struggles can arise around the issues of ambition vs. fairness as we learn to work together in a mutually supportive way.  Again, like Saturn, Rahu is at the cusp of a fire sign (Leo) to a water sign (Cancer) and can trigger an opening for a deep shift or change. As the nodes are connected to eclipse energy, this can possibly manifest as a revelation that brings in heightened energies if we are ready. With Rahu in Magha nakshatra which connects to the deified ancestors (the Pitris), this indicates a good period to work with ancestral clearings or honoring and acknowledging your parents.  Considering what you wish your personal legacy to be for your children or for the planet is a strong motivating factor that can move us in the right direction for the greater good.


Mars, the planet of energy and action, transits Cancer, its sign of debility, from July 11 until August 26, 2017. Cancer is a sensitive water sign, so deep feelings about home, family, and security may surface. We may feel extra emotional sensitivity and attachment, so take care to respond appropriately to others, and watch for any passive-aggressive tendencies. We can shy away from direct confrontations, and later become argumentative or defensive. Our energies can be inconsistent.


On the positive, this transit can increase our capacity to protect and help our families and loved ones. We can be a good advocate for others. The challenge with Mars in Cancer is sometimes the need for strong motivation in order to act, or a resistance to change. Mars, normally an assertive planet, can be weaker in Cancer, and over time gets frustrated, angry, and resentful. Become more aware of how your actions affect others. Old emotional wounds (especially around family concerns) can surface to be healed. Try not to judge yourself and be honest and own your feelings. We need a loving environment with Mars in Cancer.  Practicing yoga, getting massages, or working with any therapeutic techniques that help balance the emotions are helpful for Mars in Cancer.  Be kind. Gratitude can foster greater compassion now.

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