Vedic Astrology for June

June is a month we start to explore the deeper, hidden aspects of self in order to dissolve any remaining barriers or limitations to new growth. Self-responsibility, clarity, and patience are also required – whether through our words or actions. Saturn, planet of truth and discipline, travels the sensitive gandanta or “spiritual knot” degrees of the zodiac for four months – creating an opening for significant transformation and understanding if we allow it. We have to believe change can happen for the better. Benefic Jupiter will go in direct motion which expands our horizons and initiates new beginnings, or it can lead to over-confidence. Both Mars and Mercury transit the air sign of Gemini this month which generates new ideas and strategies, but occasionally can lapse into critical speech. Our communication skills are highlighted, as we realize the power and impact our words can have on others.

Roberto Valturio ~De Re Militari 1472

First, Mars, planet of action and assertiveness, travels through Mercury-ruled sign of Gemini from May 27 until July 10, 2017. Passionate and energetic Mars in the communications-oriented sign of Gemini can be very penetrating, perceptive, and analytical on an intellectual level.  In addition, Mercury will join Mars in Gemini on June 18 through July 2, 2017, adding more emphasis to these Mars /Mercury energies. The challenge is finding a positive expression for all the mental energy and activity that is generated by Mars and Mercury. Without a healthy outlet, we can become either mentally scattered or our conversations become argumentative. Watch for mental anxiety or projecting our frustrations onto others.  Be mindful, think before you speak, and come from your heart. Get grounded and slow down! Truly listen to what others are really saying in a reciprocal manner. Mantra practice, yoga and pranayama (breath work), meditation, and journaling are useful remedies.

While Mars transits Gemini it will aspect Jupiter in Virgo until July 10, and this influence will be especially strong on June 24th and 25th when Mars aspects Jupiter exactly at 19 degrees. Mars and Jupiter are friendly toward one another and can express as enthusiasm and a love of adventure. Mars gives energy to Jupiter which drives us to pursue our educational goals and spiritual studies. But watch for impulsive spending or a lack of inner reflection in your life. We become more energized through charitable and humanitarian activities.  We demand truth, justice and fairness in the world.

On June 9, 2017, Jupiter, the planet of prosperity and spiritual life, goes direct, having been retrograde since February 5, 2017.  Jupiter’s direct motion can sometimes improve financial situations as we feel more expansive and generous. We become more active and motivated to change our lives for the better. Self-improvement modalities are more successful.
A major transit and opportunity takes place in June when Saturn retrogrades back into Scorpio for four months, beginning on June 20, 2017 until October 26, 2017.

Shani the sanskrit name for Saturn

Saturn will again move through the intense degrees of gandanta (on the cusp between water and fire signs), which indicates ancient karmas or lessons can surface for us to understand and transcend. While Saturn is in Scorpio, it will retrace the same degrees that it previously traveled from December 30, 2016 through January 26, 2017. Similar energies that took place five months ago can resurface in order to review or correct. Reflect on how much you have grown since then. This Saturn transit can bring up an old wound, limitation, or fear that we have avoided in the past, but now we realize we must embrace it to fully heal and evolve. Focus on those areas in your life that are stagnant or not heart-felt, and allow the needed changes to occur. This transit demands honesty within as well as in our interactions with others. We want to create stability and trust of a deeper nature.  Saturn in its wisdom slows things down so that we can make wise and clear choices which free us. We cannot be complacent any longer or we may suffer.

More specifically, from June 20, 2017 through July 4, 2017, Saturn will be at 29 degrees Scorpio, a particularly intense gandanta degree. Welcome the spiritual growth, inner strength, and self-love that are part of this process.  It’s best to be non-reactive and genuine, do self-care, be in a supportive environment, and view your life events from a wider perspective. We are re-organizing our lives with a firmer foundation, maybe even getting back to basics, but this can take time. Participate in activities that have a deeper significance can be helpful. Ultimately we are creating a more authentic and positive state of balance in our lives.

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