Vedic Astrology ~ June 2013

795-1At the beginning of June, three benefic planets, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury, will all be transiting through the sign of Gemini.  So for the first three weeks of June (until June 22), Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter form a positive connection called  Saraswati yoga, giving increased interest in the areas of philosophy, the arts, music, language, and religion. This yoga is named after Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, wisdom, and the creative arts. This is a very nice combination, which also creates a desire for more social interactions and connectedness with higher-minded and creative people, communities, and events.

Venus transiting the sign of Gemini indicates communications with loved ones take on extra meaning, and produce great impact. We quickly bond on a mental level with others during this transit. Words are a source of attraction. Venus in Gemini is very fun, playful and curious, but watch for fickleness or lack of commitment. Later in the month, on June 22, Venus moves into the sign of Cancer, where love takes on a more nurturing and protective energy, as we feel best in secure situations with our families and in romantic relationships.

Also at the beginning of the month, Jupiter begins its transit through the sign of Gemini for a little over a year, until June 19, 2014. When Jupiter transits Gemini it increases our desire to expand our knowledge and mind, and we want stimulating learning experiences. We may be more open-minded, impartial, as well as diplomatic. We place more value now on the mind and the intellect. Communications, speech, the written word, and creativity are all amplified. On the shadow side, we can have so many ideas and plans, but we lack proper follow-through, and not complete them. We can experience “information overload” and therefore lose our perspective. With Jupiter in the sign of Gemini, it will aspect transiting Saturn and Rahu in Libra, uplifting this stressful combination, giving some welcome relief, insight, and a greater ability to understand, thereby making better choices.


Mercury photo credit: NASA

Mercury happily transits its own sign of Gemini from May 27, 2013 until August 4, 2013, which includes the whole months of June and July, due to Mercury going retrograde at the end of the month. Mercury in Gemini feels right at home, as mental and educational pursuits, computer skills, and travel are emphasized. We take pleasure in learning and acquiring knowledge, but it is recommended to go more deeply into your studies, as Mercury in Gemini can at times be more superficial, as we may not understand things fully, but think we do. We like communicating, negotiating, and making a point with others.

Then Mercury goes retrograde from June 16, 2013 until July 20, 2013. During the retrograde phase it’s a good time to review plans, research new ideas, and double-check all communications and travel plans, and backup your data. But watch for too much mind chatter. This is a good time to go on retreat as our mind naturally focuses inward now.

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