Vedic Astrology ~ March 2017

This month, with Venus exalted and retrograde, and Mercury debilitated in Pisces, the focus is on self-love, improving our relationship skills, communicating from the heart, and coming back to our true values. Letting go of judgement, respecting others, and being less impulsive are also important lessons with Mars in Aries.

Mars, planet of action and assertiveness, moves into the fiery sign of Aries on March 1, 2017 until April 12, 2017. Mars is the ruler of the sign of Aries, and feels comfortable transiting its own sign. We are more spontaneous, pioneering, and adventurous. Being too impulsive, getting angry quickly, and having lack of follow-through are the challenges with Mars in Aries.

Aries transcript of Kitab al Bulhan, Ottoman Islamic miniature

Aries transcript of Kitab al Bulhan, Ottoman Islamic miniature

It is recommended to take time when making important decisions and to consider others’ point of view. Listening well and acknowledging others is very important now. Instead of focusing on the differences you may have with others, try to see what you truly have in common. Be more self-controlled and less reactive. While Mars is strong in Aries, we want to invest our time in activities that bring us more energy and vitality, like beginning a yoga practice or other self-improvement modalities. We want simplicity and directness in dealing with others. To be more centered and vital we must move through any anger or fear-based issues now with grace and forgiveness.

Venus, planet of love, relationships, healing, and finance goes retrograde from March 4, 2017 until April 15, 2017 in its exalted sign of Pisces. Re-evaluation of your current relationships is a possible theme with this transit. Even an old partner can reappear in order to complete some unfinished business or to have closure. This is a time to uncover your true motives in love. Issues concerning self-worth, lack of support, and compromise can arise for us to feel and heal.

We may feel even more emotional and vulnerable at this time – especially with Venus retrograde in the sensitive and sympathetic

Constellation of Pisces

Constellation of Pisces

sign of Pisces. We want deep, intimate connections with others, but try not to romanticize or idealize too much. Be real and heart-felt. We may be tested in matters of love and integrity. Have clear boundaries and be discriminating and self-responsible. Real love does not expect anything in return. Realize that it is through relationships that we learn and evolve in profound ways. When Venus is retrograde, prosperity and financial issues can also surface to understand and review, as our values may shift. Our perceptions in love and finance are not as clear when Venus is retrograde, and we can make choices too quickly with highly-charged emotions. With this in mind, this is probably not the best time to make important decisions about love, relationships, or finances until the retrograde period is over. Then we can see with renewed insight, and be more objective. Devotional practices that focus on spiritual love and compassion for all are positive expressions with Venus retrograde.

Mercury, planet of communications, moves into Pisces, its sign of debility on March 10, 2017 until March 26, 2017. Mercury will be with exalted Venus, which reverses some of its debility. Mercury in Pisces is less concerned with details, and somewhat indirect with communications. Speaking with clarity and greater discernment is indicated to avoid any misunderstandings. With Venus retrograde and Mercury debilitated this month, take the time to understand and speak honestly with your significant others, and you will be rewarded. Meditation, mindfulness practices, and pranayama (conscious breathing) are good remedies.

On a positive note, Jupiter, the great benefic planet, aspects both Venus and Mercury in Pisces this month which adds spiritual support and helps us find creative solutions to some of the challenges that can surface this month in relationship and love.

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