Vedic Astrology – March

725 fishOn March 4, 2013 the planet Mars moves into the sign of Pisces, followed by the Sun moving into Pisces on March 14, and finally Venus enters Pisces on March 17. This stellium of planets (Mars, Sun, and Venus) will put emphasis on the sign of Pisces, a dual, sensitive water sign from March through mid-April. Pisces is a mystical, empathic, and generous sign, but can be somewhat passive, and may lack proper boundaries.

Mars, planet of action and assertiveness, will be in the changeable, sensitive sign of Pisces from March 4 through April 11, which creates challenges in being assertive and direct, as it prefers to “go with the flow.” Imbalance of Mars energies can occur, including indirect expressions of anger and frustration. Mars will also be combust the Sun for most of the month of March, which means its energies are more hidden, “burnt up” or weakened outwardly. Finding creative, positive outlets for Mars’ active energies can be helpful and less stressful, such as practicing yoga and taking walks in nature.

When Mars transits Pisces it will aspect Saturn and Rahu in Libra beginning March 4 (by eighth house aspect) until April 11. Later, Mars will oppose Saturn and Rahu when it transits the next sign of Aries in April. Try not to act out of phase or over-react, be balanced, consistent and stabilize your mind with meditation.  Mars will aspect Saturn exactly at 16 degrees on March 25, 2013, indicating a time to be responsible for our actions.

The Sun moves into Pisces on March 14 until April 14, 2013. The Sun here is very compassionate, philosophical, idealistic, and supportive to others. Watch for excessive sensitivity, indecisiveness, and escapism.

As mentioned earlier, Venus begins its transit through its exalted sign of Pisces from March 17 until April 10, 2013. In general this is a great transit for artistic ventures, and generating compassion and gentle interactions with others. We may wish to add more devotional/spiritual content to our lives as well. But like Mars, during most of the month of March, Venus will be combust the Sun (traveling in the shadow of the Sun), and so there will be some frustrations/challenges around things that Venus signifies. Combust Venus (as well as being exalted) can increase Venusian energy, but may have some challenge expressing this positive energy of love and compassion in an outer way. So this is a sensitive period for self-love and relationships. We may have issues with uncovering our highest values in life.  Be willing to help others and let others help you. Be kind, mindful and supportive.

In addition, from March 17 until April 10, Venus and Jupiter exchange signs, as Venus will be in the sign of Jupiter (Pisces) and Jupiter will be in the sign of Venus (Taurus). As these planets both rule money and finances, as well as both being

727 lakshmiLakshmi “teacher, advisor” planets, we may need to be extra vigilant in these areas as Venus is combust the Sun and traveling with malefic Mars and Sun. Try not to “overindulge” financially, and strengthen  your connection to “inner guidance” can be helpful. Also reciting the planetary mantra for Venus (Om Shukraya Namaha) or any Lakshmi mantras is positive and supportive.

For the first half of March, until March 17, Mercury is retrograde. So be extra discerning with communications and with what you say to others, and double-check important plans. Communications can be misunderstood or delayed. We may experience more technical/mechanical issues – like with computers! After Mercury goes direct on March 17, communications and travel plans begin to improve, and we can move forward now with projects and goals contemplated during the retrograde phase.

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