* Vedic Astrology for November *

The month of November seems to foster more heart-centered activities and activates a wider vision of what could be possible, with Saturn now moving into the expansive and idealistic sign of Sagittarius, along with Venus moving into the positive relationship-oriented sign of Libra. Venus will also be traveling with benefic Jupiter most of the month, adding to more positive connections. The Sun moves out of debility mid-month which increases our sense of confidence. Kala sarpa yoga occurs part of the month of November, which requires integrity in all we do. The malefic planets Saturn and Mars aspect each other, creating lessons of responsibility, maturity, and restraint.

Saturn, planet of discipline and truth, now begins its forward transit through the fire sign of Sagittarius for several years, from October 26, 2017 until January 23, 2020. Saturn in Sagittarius, a fire sign ruled by Jupiter, brings a major focus on knowledge, education, philosophies of life, humanitarian concerns, freedom, ethics, and legalities. In addition, from October 25 until November 25, 2017, Saturn will be moving through the final gandanta degrees of 0 to 2 degrees of Sagittarius. Gandanta degrees are the critical junctures between water and fires signs that can open us to new perspectives and healing if we choose. So in November we can be morally tested as we confront outworn belief systems, begin to live our truth, and trust again. No resistance is the key to working well with gandanta transits. Embracing new levels of understanding motivate us to make wiser decisions for our collective future could be a positive expression of this transit.

In addition for most of the month of November (from October 26 to November 29, 2017) Saturn in Sagittarius will aspect Mars in Virgo, and Mars will aspect Saturn. This mutual aspect between these two planets fuels ambitions. However, we can experience some temporary delays or frustrations in accomplishing our goals with the push/pull energies of Mars and Saturn. The desire for success becomes strong, so we must develop more patience this month. Mindfulness practices, focusing on what we really need to do, and meditation can be helpful. Venus moves out of its debilitated sign of Virgo on November 2, and happily transits its own sign of Libra until November 26, 2017. This brings more socializing and the need for deeper connections, perfect for Thanksgiving which occurs on November 23 in the US. Venus in Libra wants balance and harmony in relationships, but can over-idealize love. Don’t give in just to create peace, as you do not want direct confrontations. We are learning to appropriately negotiate and compromise accordingly with others in a more equal fashion. This transit of Venus in Libra can also increase our desire for artistic expression. Add more creativity in your life, which reduces stress and facilitates healing.

Venus will be joining benefic Jupiter when it transits the sign of Libra this month. Jupiter and Venus are the two teacher planets (Jupiter is the teacher of the gods, and Venus is the teacher of the demons in Vedic mythology), so this combination brings opportunities to expand our knowledge from two difference perspectives or levels of awareness. Hopefully this conjunction can bring about greater diplomacy and understanding in the world. On a personal note, we are more open to creative, social, and humanitarian endeavors. But watch for over-indulgence or excessive spending – be sensible.

The Sun, planet of career, identity, and vitality is weakened in its debilitated sign of Libra during the first few weeks of November. Then, late on November 15, 2017, the Sun begins its transit through its more auspicious sign of Scorpio until December 15, 2017. Previously with the Sun in Libra, we could experience issues with our self-identity, inner authority, and esteem. But mid-month, when the Sun transits the intense and transformative sign of Scorpio, we start to confront the deeper realities of our life and begin a healing and rebirth process if we are ready. In addition, Rahu, the north node of the Moon, is transiting the sign of Cancer, and will aspect (trine) the Sun while in Scorpio. On the positive we can feel more powerful and desire greater success in life, but be mindful of any controlling tendencies surfacing. Be realistic and practical with you goals, and also envision how your work or career can not only support you, but uplift and help others too.

We again experience kala sarpa yoga from November 10 through 25, 2017, when all the planets are placed between the nodes of the moon, Rahu and Ketu. This yoga has been occurring every few weeks since September 2017, and will continue January 2018. This yoga combination affects us on a psychological level, bringing some dissatisfaction and increased sensitivity. We feel we may have less free will, and events may occur that carry a type of “destiny” energy. Kala sarpa yoga is motivating us to fulfill our positive potential in life directly and not fall into complacency or the misuse of our energies. It’s important to be appropriately responsible and kind, and act with the highest morals during this time, or we can suffer. Be authentic and open to new possibilities of growth!

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