Vedic Astrology for October 2016

At the beginning of October, Venus (planet of love and relationship) continues its pleasant transit through Libra, its own sign, until October 12, 2016. Allow the harmonizing and empathic higher energies of Libra to predominate. We want balance and harmony in our unstable world and happiness for our loved ones. Let any suffering you are feeling, whether it is sadness, anger, or confusion, be a catalyst for opening the heart further and bring compassion into your personal life and into our world.

scorpioNext, Venus moves into the fixed water sign of Scorpio where it joins Saturn from October 13 to November 6, 2016. We will be tested further, as Venus in Scorpio can bring up issues of attachment or jealousy in love for us to heal. Letting go of “grasping” in love, allowing a more universal and unconditional love to surface. Saturn with Venus can trigger old feelings of restriction or lack of nurturance in love and relationship. Meet these feeling of vulnerability with loving actions – show kindness and acceptance to others and to one’s self, with no expectations. Realize that openness and honesty creates healing and expansion. Cultivating forgiveness is a positive remedy. Allow Saturn, the planet of wisdom and truth, to help us actualize a more mature and responsibility expression of universal love.
Mercury transits its exalted sign of Virgo from October 3 to October 20, 2016 where it joins Jupiter, the great benefic planet. These two planets will exactly conjunct on October 10, at 12 degrees Virgo. If you are feeling more chaos in your life, let this connection of Mercury and Jupiter to help you comprehend a more expansive view of life, with greater insight and understanding. Educational pursuits are emphasized as well as a desire to travel to stimulating locations. Discrimination (learning to make the best choices for all concerned) is a theme, as well as creating more order and clarity in our lives. Watch out for too much mental activity with Mercury in Virgo, as well as intellectual egotism – thinking you are the only one with the answers. Realize your words are very powerful and have great impact. We gain through meditation practices, reading inspirational literature, and deep reflection.


Kala Sarpa-Rahu Ketu

For most of October, Kala Sarpa Yoga occurs, from October 1 to October 11, 2016, and again from October 26 to November 7, 2016. This combination happens when all the planets are sandwiched in between the nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu. Called the “snake of time” this yoga (planetary combination) can bring challenges and restrictions in manifesting our desires, which we may feel more intensely – but there is a positive way through this. Realize that this is a pivotal time in which we are given a greater opportunity to move forward in our spiritual development. Leave behind anger, guilt, or shame (those lower vibrational energies of the past), and acknowledge the importance these lessons held in our personal evolution. Be courageous and willing to break any deep, habitual patterns that have locked you in, healing the original source of the problem. Embrace the more evolved qualities of compassion, gratitude, and especially forgiveness. Be less reactive, more neutral. Find things to do that inspire you and put yourself in environments that bring you peace. A requirement with this planetary combination is to take the high road, and act with the highest ethical and moral standards. With true intention and corrective actions, we can experience some significant breakthroughs!

The Sun transits Libra, its sign of debility from October 16 to November 15, 2016. The ability to effectively compromise with others without losing one’s sense of self is a lesson of the Sun in Libra. We cannot please everyone all the time, but we do the best to respect others’ needs and points of view in a humble way. Mercury joins the Sun in Libra from October 21 until November 8, 2016, and during part of this time (from October 21 to November 2), Mercury will be combust the Sun (using a 4 degree orb). Combustion means the integrity of the planet is somewhat compromised. So with Mercury combust, be clear and precise in all communications or misunderstandings can result. Take care in all business dealings, and be diligent and get the details right. Find the right time to communicate, when you feel grounded and have mental clarity – don’t rush. Meditation, mindfulness, and patience can prove helpful.

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