Vedic Astrology ~ September 2013


Rahu Yantra Mandala

At the beginning of September, both Venus and Mercury will be transiting very favorable signs. Venus will transit its own sign of Libra from September 5, 2013 until October 1, 2013. During this time we seek balance, peace, and harmony in our relationships with others. We are benefitted through increased creativity, artistic expression, and caring for others. However, Venus is Libra will be with Saturn and Rahu and aspected by Mars, so we are strongly challenged to consciously create peaceful feelings and harmonious interactions with others, amidst elements of strain and pressure. Use common sense, calm the mind and heart, and be kind and gentle to others and self.

Mercury will quickly transit its exalted sign of Virgo from September 6, 2013 through September 24, 2013. We may feel drawn to more intellectual pursuits, attending classes and workshops, developing our minds. We feel more discriminative and perceptive, wanting order and exactness in our lives. Watch for critical thinking or excessive worry.

Saturn and Rahu (north node of Moon) will be in a rare conjunction at 14 degrees Libra from September 11, 2013 through September 22, 2013. Saturn is the planet of ultimate wisdom, truth, and experience, and so by working more with Saturn’s energies we evolve. Be authentic, focused, patient, and face your karma, surrendering to the greater good. You are also learning to detach appropriately, and treat all equally. Rahu wants things quick and fast, and being a planet of urgency, desires excessive stimulus. If we focus more on the Rahu energies, we may not see the truth of a situation as Rahu is a shadowy planet, and we can make hasty, unclear choices that we later regret. This is a time we are asked to make mature decisions, take the high moral ground, while in the midst of possibly feeling limited, unsupported and separate. We are learning skillful mastery over our lower natures, along with a wider, more enlightened perspective of life. This combination of Saturn and Rahu carries a global, political connotation as well.

Saturn photo: Nasa

Also influencing this Saturn/Rahu conjunction is transiting Mars in the sign of Cancer. Debilitated Mars will closely aspect the Saturn/Rahu combination from September 8 through 10, 2013, just days before the precise conjunction of Saturn and Rahu at 14 degrees Libra. In addition, Saturn will mutually aspect Mars. So these days are times to pay extra attention to our motives, actions, thoughts, and emotions. We can feel some inner turmoil and stress during these times as we learn to be neutral, non-reactive, and detached. However, Jupiter in Gemini will be aspecting the Saturn/Mars combination in Libra, which can give us extra insight and grace in moving ahead if we choose. Be present – in the moment. Look at the world and your own personal environment through the lens of compassion and sensitivity, which can promote clarity and hope. This is a greatly transformative month that can prompt greater spiritual growth and awareness if we allow it, amidst some intense aspects involving Saturn, Rahu, and Mars.

Possible remedies for the Saturn/Rahu conjunction are mindfulness practices, regular meditation, yoga, and charitable acts. Viewing life from a higher, honorable place enables us to see the inter-connectedness of all things. Have a supportive daily routine that includes relaxation and joy. Place yourself in a supportive, loving environment. Work together with others in a non-competitive way, and with positive intention is helpful. Be thoughtful and kind! Mantras for Saturn can also be beneficial, such as Om Namah Shivaya, and the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra.

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