The Wisdom of Faces

LionHeart Newsletter 2013-02-13 at 1.04.41 PMOriental medicine has a long tradition of using face reading as a tool for diagnosing health issues as well as indicating personality tendencies based on the five elements. Attributed to Lao Tzu, ancient Taoist principles form the foundation for Chinese medicine through observation of cycles of nature and phases known as Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. Learning how to read the elements expressed in the face can help one understand who one is.

Water rules the kidneys, bladder, ears, hairline, under eye area and chin reflected in a high domed forehead, strong chin, large ears, curvy hips, strong bones, thick wavy hair or fur.  Dreamy, creative, secretive with intense feelings, the water cat is fascinated by the mysteries of life, most often found in the horizontal position whether lounging in bed or in the sunlight.

Wood rules the liver, gallbladder, eyes, eyebrows, temples and jaw reflected in thick eyebrows, indented temples, strong jaw, and considered tall and lanky or compact or short and compact.  Forceful, dynamic, enthusiastic and active valuing logic and common sense.  Activities like digging in gardens, climbing trees or hunting would be ways that a wood cat blows off steam.

Fire rules the heart, small intestines, tongue, bright shiny eyes, curly or red hair, pointy nose, mouth or ears. Males have a tendency towards balding and dimples.  Exuberant, playful, changeable, flirtatious, the fire cat thrives on intimacy and connection. With a flair for theatricality, a wood cat could be found sporting stripes, leopard spots, or fake fur to entertain themselves and others.

Earth rules the stomach, spleen and pancreas, the mouth, lower cheeks, bridge of the nose and upper eye lid with a tendency towards round face, stomach, large breasts and thick calves. A caretaker, the earth cat loves food, home, company and comfort.  Overstuffed chairs, treats and loose-fitting clothes are preferred.

Metal rules lungs, skin and large intestines, large noses, high cheekbones, fine bone structure.   A big picture thinker and leader, the Metal cat is highly sensitive with a finely tuned sense of art and beauty. The symbol for Metal is the coin reflecting duality pairing opposites creating an unpredictability of personality.

According to Oriental face analysis, I have ears  that stick out indicating an independent personality, a pointed nose symbolizing a curious nature, slanted eyes reveal a cleverness and optimism , full cheeks and roundness to the body especially the stomach are a predominance of Earth while pear shaped hips are a sign of the deep sensitivity and feelings reflected in the Water element.

 “Even the smallest or  (biggest) Feline is a masterpiece”  Leonardo De Vinci

(Re-printed from our February 2012 newsletter.)

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