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Our experienced yoga instructors offer a wide range of classes in an open and peaceful setting surrounded by gardens with views of the Red Rocks and hiking trails nearby.

yoga teacher Ruth Hartung (ERYT-500, C-IAYT) 7 Center’s Director &  Course Leader, Ruth began her journey into yoga in 1991 with the study and teaching of Kundalini yoga in Los Angeles. In 1994 she initiated with Swami Niranjananda in the Satyananda Saraswati lineage through the Bihar School of Yoga in Mungyr, India at which time she was given the spiritual name of Sraddhasagar (Ocean of Faith) While on that five month long pilgrimage she met Rama Jyoti Vernon leading a Yoga for Peace conference in Jerusalem and began studying with her in Hatha Yoga, the Yoga Sutras and Conflict Resolution in 1999. Rama’s mentorship of  asana and pranayama as a way of practicing the yoga philosophy of the Sutras is foundational in all immersions. In addition, Muhammed Faust & Viskashananda of Nepal have been important teachers of transmission for kundalini yoga and the deeper understanding of yogic philosophy. Ruth has also been a practitioner of Vipassana Meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka for the past 25 years

Alongside the growing of 7 Centers and the teaching of yoga as spiritual lifestyle, Ruth has a love for ongoing study that has included folk medicine and practical herbalism. More recently in 2008, Ruth became involved in the local food, agriculture and sustainability movement as an extension of the social consciousness movement that yoga is all about. Joining the local Crescent Moon Community garden and creating a Medicine Herb Garden at the center, led to the founding of the Spring Planting Festival, now an annual event in Sedona and her two year work with Gardens for Humanity as Vice-President.  Integrating the growing of food & herbs as part of the yoga teacher trainings, she  feels that yoga has an important role to play not just for the individual’ s health and well being but also for our local and global communities. (Kundalini Yoga,  5 Elements, Chakra Yoga, Vajrayogini)

yoga teacherHari Jap is the founder of The Center of Divine Awakening, a Kundalini yoga studio in Phoenix, Arizona. He has dedicated his entire life to the pursuit of spiritual knowledge and sharing it with others. In addition to his study with Yogi Bhajan, he has studied with several other Master Teachers from numerous traditions including Taoist Master Lee, Mantak Chia and Sunyata. Hari Jap has extensive training in Kundalini Yoga along with training in Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Tantra, Kinesiology, Martial Arts, and Shamanism. He is a course leader for Seven Centers Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for over 30 years.
(Kundalini Yoga)



yoga teacher

Naomi Rose draws upon a lifetime of experience in yoga (she started at age 13!), as well as shamanic and other spiritual trainings, to teach her classes, workshops, and private sessions. Her classes offer a unique blend of Hatha, Pilates, Flow, and Kundalini, providing opportunities for healing and awakening of body, mind, and spirit. Also an artist, author, and healing practitioner, Naomi finds teaching yoga to be a profound experience of the heart and a journey into authentic presence. Her gentle teaching style allows students to follow the wisdom of their own practice, to clear the way to greater presence, and to open to their true natures. Students appreciate Naomi’s spiritual and transformative teaching. She teaches from her heart, gives clear guidance, and creates a loving, supportive atmosphere. For all levels. (Gentle Yoga and Kundalini, Community Classes)


yoga teacherTaylor Kurz (RYT-500) has been a student of yoga since 2002. She was initiated in the Sivananda linage, receiving her first 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher certification in Uttarakhand, India, in 2010. Upon returning to the United States, she had the honor of being a karma yogi at Seven Centers, to later study and complete their 200 hour Hatha certification. Her studies continued with the center, completing her 500 hour certification, with an Ayurvedic and therapeutic emphasis. Taylor is an outdoor enthusiast, perpetual student, hiking guide, and artist. Her studies focus on plant medicine, Eastern philosophy, astrology, and various healing modalities. The foundation of her classes is Hatha-based, sharing from her personal experience to bestow an integral approach to teaching. In pursuit of sharing sacred knowledge, we can use this spark to illumine the brilliance of bringing balance to the physical and esoteric bodies. There is a cyclical interplay of working with the body to gain control of the mind and prana, to experience the unchanging truth that is within each of us eternally. She is honored to be both a vessel for the teachings, and a student of her students. (Sun/Moon Flow, Kundalini Yoga)

yoga teacherMarnie Mills (RYT 200) discovered yoga in 1990 while taking a World Religions course. When the curriculum ventured into eastern theology, her professor introduced the topic with a yoga class. The experience was so profound she immediately sought out more yoga and her formative teachers: Rodney Yee, Erich Schiffmann, Shiva Rae, and Judith Lasater among others. She became a certified teacher in 2002 with Erich Schiffmann through the Santa Barbara Yoga Center, California. In 2005, she studied Kriya Yoga under Pricilla Potter, Swami Maha-tarananda, at Yoga Connection in Tucson, Arizona.  From 2004-2011 she merged beauty, the healing arts and yoga as the owner of Monsoon Face and Body in Bisbee, Az. She developed her signature chakra aroma skin care line, Monsoon Nectar and incorporated the organic aroma into all the facets of her work. Various travels through Asia have integrated her East meets West approach to spirituality, teaching, and lifestyle. Marnie presents energy healing workshops, retreats, and private sessions harnessing the vibration of aroma, sound, and yoga to explore the chakra system. Her practice emphasizes The Oneness that all lineages lead to and she is grateful to all of her teachers and students. (Chakra Aroma Flow)


yoga teacherTerrilyn Green enjoys sharing the teachings that she received from Seven Centers Yoga Arts. She completed the 200 hour yoga teacher training and 300 hour Yoga Therapy teacher training from Seven Centers. She has a natural affinity for sharing nature, healing, nutrition, exercise, and spirituality. She enjoys teaching yoga, which encompasses all of these interests. (Hatha Yoga)





yoga teacherMelissa Osborne (RYT 200) completed her Hatha-Flow certification at Yoga Yoga in Austin, TX. It was there she met her husband, a Kundalini instructor; together they have a one-year-old son, his favorite poses currently being downward dog and happy baby. She has trained with Sadie Nardini, Anodea Judith and Leslie Kaminoff. Melissa is a passionate student of tantric lore and yogic philosophy. She also loves nature and advocates as a Panda Ambassador for the World Wildlife Fund. Melissa encourages her students to connect with the cosmos through movement and breath. “The spine is the highway to the infinite.”- Paramahansa Yogananda (Twilight Yoga)

Mallory Asti (RYT 500) is a Reflexologist and Healer. She was first introduced to yoga during her Massage Therapy Training in 2008. Using the natural healing power of the body, Mallory offers her clients a higher quality of life. In January 2016 Mallory received her 200hr yoga certificate from Kindness Yoga in Denver. Advancing her skills, she attended 7 Centers 300hr advanced training with a therapeutic emphasis. Sharing her passion for healing, Mallory uses yoga as another path to wellness. The deep connection to mind and body found through the practice is a gateway to tapping your innate healing power. (Hatha Flow)


Annie Abbott (RYT 200) completed her 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Centers Yoga Arts in July of 2017. Annie has been doing Yoga for 10 years, beginning in San Francisco CA, then Albuquerque & Taos NM, and now Sedona. Annie has tried various forms of Yoga, but always returns to Hatha. She currently is an Esthetician and Reiki Practitioner at Mii Amo Spa here in Sedona.  She is also a Fine Arts Painter, a Volunteer at the Verde Valley Animal Humane Society, and  a Dog Mom to 3 Rescues. She feels at this point in her life, Yoga is something she wants to be able to share with her community, family and friends – concentrating on the breath & alignment, with a focus on balance, strength and healing the body.  (Slow Flow)


Ana Hansen (RYT 500, RCYT) started her spiritual journey as a young girl. Her mother and father were the first to expose her to devotional practices and this gave her a firm foundation in both spiritual and devotional practice. Later on, while attending the University of Rochester, she studied women studies, political science, and English. Her spirituality and devotion to God anchored her as she developed her academic career. For her graduate work, she studied education and business. In 2001, she began her formal studies in yoga and Pantanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Then in the summer of 2003 she completed Yoga Alliance’s 200-hour level teacher training through 7 Centers Yoga Arts in Sedona, Arizona. Shortly after she started working at 7 Centers Yoga Arts as a yoga instructor and an Ayurvedic chef. In 2005, Ana completed her Yoga Alliance 500 hour level teacher training program with the International Yoga College. In 2006, she opened and operated Embody Yoga in Phoenix, Arizona. Then in 2007, Ana made a pilgrimage to India with her husband, where she focused on visiting many temples, ashrams and other sacred sites. This experience redirected her life and had a profound impact on her. In January of 2008, Ana attended her first Vipassana 10 Day Retreat and learned the practice as taught by S.N. Goenka. She feels this practice is a gateway for her ultimate detoxification and the next journey of her teachings. In March of 2009, her greatest guru was born; her son. Today, Ana works full-time as a peace educator teaching children’s yoga, mindfulness, and peace strategies. The completion of her book Yoga Poses For Kids will be published and available in November of 2017. (Restorative Yoga)


Adriana (RYT 200) has been practicing and studying yoga for over 25 years now. She first completed her 200-hour Hatha Yoga Training in 2011 at Yoga Branch in Vista, CA. She then went on to complete her Yin Yoga Certification in 2015 at the Semperviva Yoga College in Vancouver B.C., Canada. Adriana enjoys teaching yoga with the awareness that the practice itself is the real teacher and feels she is here to guide her students into the transformation that yoga naturally facilitates. Her teaching styles include: Vinyasa Flow, Bikram, Iyenger, Hatha, Yin, and aspects of Ashtanga. She also enjoys incorporating Bhakti Yoga, devotional meditation, and Kirtan into her classes. (Yin Yoga)


Deborah (RYT 500) began to practice yoga while vacationing in Mexico in 2010. Enjoying the benefits of the practice as well as the community created through yoga, she searched to duplicate this experience after returning home to Sedona. She attended classes at 7 Centers and began to deepen her practice through various workshops offered at the Center. She began with the Chakra Intensive in 2015. While still operating a business here in Sedona, she enrolled in the weekend 200-hour Hatha Teacher Training, graduating in 2016. Retiring in late 2016, Deborah found more available time to complete Citizens Diplomacy and eventually her 300 hour Advanced Hatha Training with a therapeutic emphasis. Deborah also enjoys volunteering at the center and brings an intensive knowledge of horticulture to share with the students, including her passion for organic gardening, composting and growing sprouts. She has lived in Sedona since 1990 when she followed her heart to move from North Carolina to live in Arizona.  She enjoys nature photography, hiking, kayaking and boating on Lake Powell, learning ayurvedic cooking and continuing to study and teach yoga. Deborah is currently enrolled in Kundalini Teacher Training. (Therapeutic Hatha with Yoga Nidra)



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